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moonDuring the first half of November, we crave stability and pleasure as we approach the Taurus Full Moon. Then the second half of the month, we’re expanding our vision outward and wayward as we prepare for the Jupiterian energies of the Sagittarius New Moon. For the folks who set intentions for prosperity and abundance during the Taurus Full Moon (or ideally, the Taurus New Moon from last spring), experience expansion in the areas of finance by the time of the Sagittarius New Moon which lands on Nov. 29.

Now, I love the Taurus new and full moons because the moon is exalted in Taurus. When the moon transits in Taurus we want to beautify our bodies, homes, and our lives. We seek sensual pleasures around massage and the foods we enjoy. However, we can also experience laziness and stubbornness from the Taurus moon or force our opinions on others so that we feel more secure.

The Taurus Full Moon falls on Nov. 14 this year and it comes with its challenges, mainly a Cardinal T-Cross that involves Pluto in Capricorn, Jupiter in Libra, and Uranus in Aries. Now, this could be interesting because Jupiter in Libra brings in social justice, harmony, and help through legal channels. So Jupiter acts as a peacemaker between the ongoing tension of Pluto and Uranus. I’m thinking that the grassroots everyday people and the authority figures (or big government) make headway in creating new laws that are fair and just. I also think that having Jupiter in Libra we can make a shift into a more fair economy, but this is a slow process.

Meanwhile, Mars (Aquarius) trines Jupiter (Libra). As we know, Aquarius also represents the grassroots or everyday person. And now, Mars gives power to the everyday person while Jupiter in Libra reminds us that we have rights, dictated by the United Nations. On one hand, we are pushing for the individual and authenticity, but on the other hand, we’re also taking part in the greater collective as we carve out the future of humanity on the planet. Mars in Aquarius causes us to feel restless as we desire expansion, financially and spiritually. And even better, Jupiter forms a sextile with Saturn in Sagittarius (ruler of Jupiter), so we’re broadening our scope of operation and this keeps expanding until the Sagittarius New Moon on Nov. 29. I think this is exciting, even if it is a bit idealistic. Meanwhile, Ceres and Uranus (Aries) trine Saturn and Mercury (Sagittarius). So I see those grassroots efforts harvesting some big, luscious fruit, where social justice is concerned.

So let’s connect all the dots. Our minds are on creating a fair economy that trickles upward from the grassroots. Jupiter and Sagittarius, as well as Mars, Uranus, and Aquarius energies, usher in an awakening, as well as plant new seeds for an alternative economy. Our focus is on individual rights and the greater collective. We could experience the lower energies of greed, selfishness, and stubbornness. And we can also experience fairness, justice, and looking at how each of us fits into the universal picture. Again, I’m feeling excitement.

So by Nov. 29, we experience another Sagittarius-Jupiter push with the Sagittarius New Moon. Sagittarius represents our idealism, our expansiveness, our life philosophies, religion, laws, and universal visions. Sagittarius asks us what we would wish for if we knew that the sky was the limit. Think about that question with an expansive view of the cosmos. Take a moment to imagine multiple verses and realities in the starry night sky.

Patricia Herlevi

Patricia Herlevi

The Sagittarius New Moon chart for 2016 comes with its challenges. We experience another Cardinal T-Cross (theme for this autumn) with Jupiter in Libra opposing Ceres and Uranus in Aries and squaring Venus conjunct Pluto in Capricorn. And the question comes up about what we choose to harvest? This could have to do with food justice on the world scale. When Ceres joins up with Uranus, the dwarf planet focuses on the rights of young women. Perhaps, in regards to human trafficking, ending that practice. I find it interesting that the planet, Venus, which also represents young women has attached itself to Pluto (remember the story of Persephone?). Jupiter in Libra focuses on new laws to protect women because Libra rules the planet Venus.

I would also like to bring your attention to the stellium of planets in Sagittarius. The sun, moon, Saturn, and Mercury connect with the asteroid Juno in Sagittarius. And this cluster of planets squares Neptune and Chiron in Pisces. What are our spiritual or religious lessons at this time? Does transcendence require us transforming or releasing our religious traditions? We’ll also look at the treatment of women with various religious traditions.

We’ll also continue to process the changes that occurred in our lives with the Saturn-Neptune Square which launched in November of 2015. We must retreat from our busy lives, even for a day or two to process all those changes. Our ideals and priorities have shifted during the past year. Old ways of doing business have dissolved. We have new people arriving in our lives and other people departing. We might have ended marriages, quit jobs, and decided to buy mobile homes and travel the country. Some of you have downsized to living in tiny homes.

Look to the areas where Jupiter, Neptune, and Venus appear in your birth charts. In November, you experience movement in those areas. Look to the houses where Capricorn, Aries, and Libra are on the cusps because you will experience irreversible changes in those areas of your life.

Enjoy the expansion that the November 2016 moons bring our way. Life as we know it will never be the same. This is the moment we have waiting for and now we must love ourselves enough to embrace this universal offering of divine love.


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