Whole Astrology Moon Forecast for October 2016


october-moonThe October moons bring us mixed forecasts and rapid changes. The Libra New Moon which falls on Sept. 30 launches the month. If a partnership feels harmonious and in balance then this new moon brings a time of cooperation and sharing. However, if strife prevails in the relationship, there’s a good chance that the partnership undergoes legal processes. This is because a Libra New Moon focuses upon justice, balance, harmony, and partnerships. Parting ways leads to better life experiences.

Yet, this Libra New Moon chart has beautiful flowing aspects in it with Venus in Scorpio trining Neptune in Pisces. The Libra Sun and Moon join Jupiter (which recently transited into Libra) in a Triple Conjunction that forms a flowing aspect with Saturn in Sagittarius. This gives us Venus and Jupiter themes which revolve around expansion, prosperity, good fortune and harmonious partnerships. This marks a time when we prefer to spend time in nature or strolling through art galleries if we don’t make art ourselves. We could over spend or overeat or indulge in alcohol at this time. And we’re just not going to have our minds on work. When Venus and Jupiter team up, there is a tendency towards laziness.

Patricia Herlevi

Patricia Herlevi

And, we might use escapism to cover up pain brought on by Mercury opposing Chiron or from the tension caused by the lingering Mutable T-Cross with Saturn, Neptune, and the North Node/Mercury. But at least Mercury is moving direct and we’re able to communicate more clearly and focus on health-related issues that stem from emotional imbalance.

The Aries Full Moon (Oct. 16), takes us in a whole new direction. Now, instead of singing “Give Peace a Chance,” we’re sounding the battle horns. Aries, ruler of Mars is known for its warrior and hotheaded tendencies. This is a fire moon that conjuncts with Uranus, squares Pluto, and opposes the sun and other planets transiting in Libra. The Aries moon, Uranus and Ceres oppose the sun, Mercury and Jupiter in Libra and squares Mars conjunct Pluto. This is powerful game-changing Cardinal energy at play. And while Uranus and Pluto form a wide orb square, pulling in Jupiter, Mercury, sun, full moon, and Mars, creates combustible energy. Here we have the clashing of wills mainly between the grassroots (everyday people) and authority as in government and corporations.

It’s a challenge to separate the individual from the collective. However, on an individual level we see relationships breaking up, businesses closing their doors because they aren’t in alignment with the new energies, and even children demanding better education opportunities. We could witness much violence in our communities and the world with a lot of police action on the streets. With the upcoming elections in the U.S., tempers are running on the hot side as one scandal after another hits the media.

And now that the Saturn-Neptune Square has begun its separation, we are coming out of trances and seeing the truth. This is a time of great awakening and planetary shifting. And the more we allow old systems to crumble the greater well-being we experience. The focus is on huge changes brought on by the Cardinal energy. It’s a time of successful revolutions with the proverbial volcano blowing its top.

Finally, we end the month with a Scorpio New Moon on Oct. 30 (right before Halloween). We move away from the volatile energies of the Aries Full Moon and we begin to envision a new way of being on the planet. A flowing aspect between the sun, moon and Mercury in Scorpio with Neptune in Pisces allows us the space for big dreams.

Meanwhile, Jupiter in Libra flows with Saturn and Venus in Sagittarius. We long for peace between all nations. We want to travel the world with diplomacy in mind. Our minds are on the United Nations and our ideologies lean towards spirituality and social justice. And I like these aspects happening right before the elections in the U.S. Candidates with Sagittarius or Libra signatures in their charts are most likely to win elections. And the populace levels the playing field because it demanded justice during the Aries Full Moon. Saturn and Venus form a wide Fire Trine with Uranus which again brings groundbreaking changes and progressive ideals.

While on one hand, we focus upon the individual, we also have our eyes on the collective. Our concerns revolve around the entire planet. We see the coming together of nations to address these concerns. We witness new partnerships between individuals as we discover our soul tribes and our life work, especially if that life work is in the areas of healing and social justice. The ideals of service that we encountered when Jupiter was in Virgo lead us on new paths.

Signs most affected by the Libra New Moon and the Aries Full Moon include Cancer, Capricorn, Aries and Libra. But you have been leading the planetary shift since 2008. These moons give you a sense of empowerment as you lead the fray into more sane ways of living on the planet. Don’t be dismayed if you end up dealing with hotheaded people who reveal their wounds to you. While forgiveness doesn’t come easy, this practice leads to greater compassion and understanding.

Scorpio, Taurus, Leo and Aquarius experience the Scorpio New Moon as a time of sensuality and passions unleashed. For those of you wanting to start families now is a good time to plant the seeds. Those of you thinking about retiring get your finances in order. You might wish to sell property and start planning the next phase of your life.

Finally, Virgo, Pisces, Gemini and Sagittarius go with the changes expected of you now. Some of you will relocate to a new city or to a new home in the same city. Some of you will travel. Some of you will teach. Make sure you practice extreme self-care as your nerves have taken a beating this month.

Let the new world give birth to itself. Peace.


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  1. Patricia, Nice Work!!!

    I enjoyed your forecast very much. Your observation that Virgo’s had “taken” a beating this month was quite accurate. Not a “poor me” statement–just that is the way the cycles work for all of us 🙂
    All the best from Trisha Mahi in Angel Talks in NSJ

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