Whole Astrology Moon Forecast for December 2016


moonI start out this forecast with thanking Krysta Gibson for the opportunity to publish my moon column with New Spirit Journal. Sadly, due to time and health constraints, this will be my last New Spirit Journal moon column. I’ll post forecasts on YouTube and Whole Astrology. In the meantime, it’s my hope that my moon column has made a difference in people’s lives. It was a labor of love.

We end 2016 with two powerful moon charts. On Dec.14, the Gemini Full Moon features two T-Crosses that represent long-running astrological themes. Now, with Jupiter in Libra, we experience a wide Cardinal T-Cross with Uranus and Pluto. Along with that, the Sagittarius Sun conjuncts Saturn, opposes the Gemini Moon and squares Chiron in Pisces. It’s as if we take one last look at idealisms and examine them closely. And we assess if we have used our power wisely or allowed others to bully us into helplessness. Chiron tells us that it is time to heal our wounds through spiritual avenues.

Patricia Herlevi

Patricia Herlevi

In either case, we spend too much time analyzing our thoughts. But on the other hand, we also gain the ability to detach from our emotions. This chart features a Grand Air Trine with Jupiter in Libra, the moon in Gemini and Mars in Aquarius. We could even come up with ingenuous ideas and practices to resolve conflicts we experienced during the past 12 months.

However, the problem with a Gemini Moon is that it bounces back and forth between extremes. We find people saying one thing and doing another. We deal with monkey minds when we try to meditate and we talk a lot, which distracts us from doing our real work. But on the other hand, this moon is lively and social so this causes us to interact with like-minded people and build community. Venus in Aquarius also plays into this theme. Women take on the role of computer geek or another persona usually associated with men. There’s a feeling of women breaking through the barrier. It’s time to think outside of the usual masculine box and this includes astute men.

Now, the Capricorn Full Moon tells a different story. We experience another Cardinal T-Cross with Mercury/Sun/Moon/Pluto in Capricorn squaring Jupiter in Libra and Uranus/Ceres in Aries. Then to complicate this moon transit, the Capricorn planet cluster forms a flowing aspect with another planet cluster in Pisces (Mars, Neptune and Chiron). Capricorn and Pisces represent the endpoints of the Zodiac Wheel. The planets in Capricorn lead us to huge transformation and the flow to the Pisces Triple Conjunction tells us that this transformation comes through intangible spiritual forces.

This should not come as a surprise since the Saturn-Neptune Square we experienced during the summer months has led us to this point. We’re not just talking about ascension and awakening, we are experiencing it firsthand. We now put to the test all those new age concepts and tools we garnered for the past decades (at least since the Harmonic Conversion of 1987). People born during the late 1980s feel this energy the strongest, especially people born with Saturn/Uranus/Neptune in Capricorn. It’s time for you to step into the spotlight and do your thing.

I have an image in my mind’s eye of people sitting in a theater waiting for a movie to begin. This is the old style theater from my childhood where a curtain covered the movie screen. In my image, the curtain pulls away from the screen and we watch for the movie to commence. In fact, the word “commence” attaches itself to the Capricorn New Moon chart for 2016. Capricorn rules the climber and we climb to new heights by the end of December.

Empathic people already feel this energy and anticipate the next scenario to play out on the planet. With news about a ninth planet and medium-channels sharing ascension messages on YouTube and other online media, excitement among spiritual community expands. The planet transits in astrology charts provide us maps, but really humanity ventures into the unknown. This transformation is unprecedented. So we rely on our guides, whether they come in the form of Native American ancestors or archangels to take us through this new terrain.

And like any traveler, if we don’t lose baggage along the way, our burdens slow down our progress. I have another image of pilgrims walking El Camino (Way of Saint James). The ones who carry the heaviest packs miss out on the spiritual epiphanies since their minds grapple with the pain in their neck and shoulders. Capricorn, the climber often carries heavy burdens and travels a rougher road, unlike Sagittarius people who fly by the seat of their pants. And will jump out of airplanes if that takes them to their destination quicker.

While planets transiting in Capricorn and Pisces give us the gifts of maturity and wisdom, we also must lose this idea of suffering along our paths. Saturn in the Sign of Sagittarius asks us to apply a sense of humor and wonder to our journey despite restrictions we face.

With this Capricorn New Moon falling on Dec. 28, thus ending the year, we can either look back at our troubles, or laugh at those troubles then move forward. We can’t expect to heal our lives if we don’t lighten up with laughter. We can choose to end the year in celebration because we’re all still standing on our two feet, something Capricorn boasts.

It’s funny and ironic that I would grapple with this complicated Capricorn New Moon chart for my last Whole Astrology Moon Column. Capricorn is often misunderstood and people think this sign lacks a sense of humor. Yet, some of our best comedians are Capricorn. So let’s end the year in laughter and joy despite whatever movie we choose to entertain in our collective mind.

It’s as Martin Luther King, Jr. once said about climbing the mountain. The only difference is we made it to the top.


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