Whole Astrology Moon Forecast for August 2016


august-moonThe good news for the Leo new moon that falls on Aug. 2 is that Jupiter has moved on and out of the Mutable T-Cross with Saturn and Neptune. The bad news revolves around Mercury at 4 degrees Virgo pulling into a Mutable T-Cross with Saturn and Neptune. So on one hand, we all want to delve into our creative pursuits launched by the Leo new moon. But on the other hand, we’re not fully able to articulate the structure and practical steps of our dreams.

The ongoing Saturn-Neptune square (throughout the summer) has us questioning our beliefs and values. It also has us dealing with fanatic people on a personal and global level which leads to nervous exhaustion. Therefore with the sun, moon, and Venus in Leo, take a time out for creative pursuits or just relax around the new moon. See, Leo asks us where do we shine in our lives, in other people’s lives and in the world? What qualities sparkle in us? How can we pursue our creative gifts? And I know around the Leo new moon or Leo full moon many people say that they lack creative gifts. That’s because many of us limit creativity to painting, photography, acting, music or dance.

Patricia Herlevi

Patricia Herlevi

So let’s look at each of the signs and the usual gifts with the signs.

We’ll start with the fire signs. Leos shine on stage or on camera. They are the natural-born actors in the zodiac. But anything upon a stage will work including dance, choreography, modeling clothing, or playing music. Flamboyant life coaching also fits. And if you’ve never been on stage, now is the time to take the first step.

Sagittarius embarks on creative adventures while finding inexpensive ways to travel the world. Branch out into travel journalism or photography.

Aries, you are creative leaders with a childlike glee. Join a grassroots group involving children or become a motivational coach. Also Aries, now is the time for romantic adventure.

Ruled by Venus, Libra excels at planning events such as dinner parties or weddings. They possess the art of diplomacy and make fine gourmets. Gemini, build something with your hands using feathers, stone and wood. Go on a lecture tour, launch a radio show, or write a book. Aquarius, it’s time to return to the lab and invent something new or shock people with the latest gadget.

Pisces, you excel at anything to do with your feet such as dance, soccer, reflexology, or spiritual coaching. Start a YouTube channel to promote your products and services. Cancer, you are the herbalist and cooks of the zodiac. Along with Pisces you also excel at photography. Scorpio, you are the alchemist transforming shadows into cathartic art and healing. Similar to Leo, you also are fine actors so go audition for a play or movie.

Water signs, use the Leo sun, moon, and Venus to pursue your creative interests. A day at the beach or near a lake works wonders for you. I have an image of flows of synchronicity opening doors in front of you, taking you to places that feel like dreams, thanks to Neptune dissolving structure.

Now, the Aquarius full moon on Aug. 18 tells a more complex and intense story. This chart features another challenging Mutable T-Cross with Mercury/Venus/Jupiter/North Node in Virgo opposing Neptune in Pisces and squaring Saturn in Sagittarius. And to further complicate the transits, Mercury and Jupiter in Virgo form a yod with the Aquarius full moon and Uranus in Aries. The planets in Virgo act as the focal point for the yod as they put the foot on the brake.

These transits are too complex to describe in this monthly column, however, we’ll be looking at ways to innovate our personal and professional lives. And as we place these innovations on a table, they fall under scrutiny. The Aquarius full moon wants to get those innovations out in the world now, and Uranus lights the fire of restlessness. However, Mercury and Jupiter in Virgo come off as overly critical and basically, like a proverbial wet blanket.

Yods always prevent us from moving forward. We must return to the drawing board, the lab, or the think tank and iron out the details. But this doesn’t go well either because yods feel like crossroads with dead ends attached to them. Meanwhile, we have the Mmutable T-Cross with Neptune dissolving structure, Saturn creating fanaticism around the world, and Mercury and Jupiter creating urgency for change. We seem to walk around in circles and not making any progress. This even feels worse than retrograde planets which place our lives on hold. And speaking of retrograde, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto, along with Chiron are all retrograde at the time of the Aquarius full moon.

Air signs, you get to take a breather so get out of your monkey minds and go hiking. Water signs and earth signs fear the loss of traditions, and things they hold dear. Many of you fear that you’ll lose your jobs due to new innovations coming on the market. Face your fears by taking classes and workshops. Now is a good time to get up to speed. Fire Signs get caught up in fanaticism (yours or someone else’s) so watch your tempers and curb idealism. Ask yourself what you truly value and not what someone force-fed you. Watch out for the proverbial car salesman who sells lemons.

To sum it up, do something fun and creative during the Leo new moon and lay low during the Aquarius full moon. Aquarius moons ask us to expect the unexpected while the moon in general asks us to go with the flow wherever wild place that takes us.


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