What Will I Do to Feel the Way I Want to Feel


What Will I Do to Feel the Way I Want to Feel
The Desire Map Planner Daily 2017 Edition
by Danielle LaPorte
Danielle LaPorte Inc.

Based on her popular book The Desire Map, this planner supports you in using the ideas and tools given there. The entire basis is learning how to plan your life so you are focused on how you want to feel rather than simply what you want to do or accomplish. Danielle and her husband discovered this one year when they were making their New Year’s resolutions and Danielle has turned it into her life’s work.

This planner is dated for 2017 and offers plenty of space to write down how you want to feel and what you intend to do so you can feel that way. There are monthly calendars for the the year as well as daily pages. The daily pages have space to put appointments, of course, but most importantly there are spaces for: your core desired feelings, soul prompt, three things to get done, to-dos, stop doing, gratitude, and things you want to change. From day to day, some of these change to prompt you towards the fulfillment you’re seeking. There are monthly check-ins so you can see if you’re staying on track or need to change your focus.

The planner is 7 1/4” x 9 1/2” and about 1 1/4” thick. It is heavy and most likely it isn’t a planner you would tend to carry with you as much as have it in your work or living space. Some people tear out the pages and carry them that way.

This is an unusual planner and although the author says you don’t need to read the book it is based on, I disagree. Having read her book The Desire Map, it would be very helpful to be familiar with those processes to get the most from this planner.


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