Vegetarianism and Spirituality: What’s The Connection?


veggiesAs more of us become aware of the impact of the lifestyles we choose, the way we eat has truly reached center stage. We don’t want chemicals in our foods such as additives and preservatives. We don’t want pesticides and herbicides. We don’t feel right about GMOs. On top of this, we are analyzing whether we need to eat certain foods at all which previously we took for granted as necessary. One of these is meat.

Vegetarianism is on the rise and has been for decades. This is a sure sign that many are questioning the need to take the lives of animals in order to be healthy. It’s hard to enter onto the spiritual path and become more aware without at least calling into question this way of eating. We all strive to minimize harming others and causing suffering.

Vegetarianism comes up quite a lot in relation to spirituality. The Sanskrit word ahimsa, meaning “to do no harm,” is emphasized in several eastern religions, including Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism. Ahimsa also means kindness and non-violence towards all living things including animals; it respects living beings as a unity, and includes the belief that all living things are connected.

In Dr. Gabriel Cousens’ wonderful book, Conscious Eating, he cites a quotation from Buddha in regards to eating meat. A portion of it states, “There may be some time in the future when people… being under the influence of the taste of meat, will string together in various ways many sophisticated arguments to defend meat-eating… But meat-eating in any form, in any manner, and in any place is unconditionally, and once and for all, prohibited.”

Most of us, frankly, could not commit the action required for us to consume our chicken sandwiches. We are mercifully distanced from the act of killing that happens thousands of times a day. Yet if we need this distance in order to continue our habits, how fair is it for us to continue those habits?

Spiritual traditions, for the most part, agree on this point. Yet, aside from expressing kindness and compassion toward animals, there are selfish reasons to abstain from meat as well.

Pranic Healing teaches us very specifically what meat consists of in energy terms and what effect it will have on the body when consumed.

Pranic Healing was developed with the help of highly trained clairvoyants. The first thing any of us would notice by seeing this way and observing meat is that it is full of dirty energy. This is essentially no different from the dirty energy that causes blockages in the body and which Pranic Healing teaches to clean thoroughly. Dirty energy causes disease, slows down the flow of energy, and causes pain in the body. If you eat meat, you are ingesting this essentially toxic substance. This is one obvious reason why removing meat from one’s diet quickly and easily causes an improvement in one’s health. Energetically, pork, eel, and catfish are the dirtiest. I personally believe we should strive to remove these foods from all of our diets.

Most of us have heard that one of our many goals is to raise our vibration. Meat not only does not have a high vibration, but hardly has one at all. Plants, on the other hand, have a very high vibration, particularly when fresh. They are full of clean, healthy prana that the body gratefully uses. Energetically, meat is yet another substance that the body has to trouble itself to process and eliminate. This takes energy rather than gives it. Removing meat may be one of the fastest and easiest ways to raise your vibration.

If you feel inspired to reduce your consumption of animal products, I would suggest taking it slow. There is no need at all to become a vegetarian overnight. Going gradually will also give your body time to adapt. Those that go vegetarian overnight are more likely to feel “off” as their body adjusts to utilizing different foods for energy. Plant foods are 100% effective at providing us with what we need, but when we have been running on a certain type of fuel for decades, it’s shocking to change gears so quickly. Please also do the small amount of research required to take care of your nutritional requirements when changing your food sources in this way.

There are many ways to start. You can begin by taking one day per week to go without animal products. Meatless Mondays is a wonderful movement, suggesting that we all take one day a week to go without animal products. This alone would have an enormous impact on the environment and our health. You may decide to remove one animal at a time from your diet. You can start with red meat, then poultry, and then fish. Or you can simply decide to add more and more vegetarian dishes into your repertoire until you have crowded out your usual standard dishes. Learn the incredible and delicious variety of plant-based meals with all the flavors that the plant world has provided us. Herbs and spices are, to me, much more full of flavor than animals. You may never cut out meat 100% but may take it to a level where you only partake in these foods on holidays or at certain family gatherings.

I would encourage everyone to become more conscious of every lifestyle choice they make. What is good for others and the planet can only be of benefit to us.



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Meghan Kaul has studied and practiced Pranic healing for eight years and is an associate certified Pranic healer. For free healing, please visit one of our free Pranic Healing Clinics; see for more info. Also visit Meghan’s website,


  1. Tosca Zraikat on

    Great post. Thanks. I once had an inner voice say to me, very clearly, ‘Sugar is inimical to spirit.’

    I am not at all sure why, or whether the voice was speaking in general or just to me. Because sugar leaves me light-headed and tired, almost catatonic. No energy lift at all.

  2. Chris Durbin on

    Nora Gedgaudas has a background in diet and nutrition spanning some 25 years and is a widely recognized, respected and sought-after expert in the field. Primal Body Primal Mind and Primal Fat Burner are highly researched works on nutrition. Along with the Green ( eat this ) and Red ( avoid these foods ) list from the Auntie Banting site You can bring your health out of the pit of present day addiction to sugar and wheat products.


    This is not an article about linking anything to Spirituality. Nowhere are you explaining the link.

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