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stonehengeHuman accomplishments over the past century, from automobiles to moon landings, have broken the bonds of gravity and redefined time and space. In my spirit travels I too have defied the natural order bypassing what is known as current time to go back to the past.

Along with the assistance and instructions of my guides, I begin by grounding myself and entering into a profound meditation through which I can travel to destinations all over earth and back through the ages. In many cases I find myself arriving at a time centuries before what scientists have declared to be the beginning of the site. For example, when I spirit traveled to Stonehenge the ground was bare and the megaliths were not yet in place. My guides explained what the site was used for and why it was built and by whom.

Stonehenge is not the only site I have “traveled” to. In my new book, Spirit Traveler: Unlocking Ancient Mysteries and Secrets of Eight of the World’s Great Historic Sites (Findhorn Press), I visit seven other sites and share in depth what I learn about the history and what I discover about their beginnings and purpose through my spirit travels.

We have accepted a version of history written by historians, archeologists, scientists and theologians. Monks, priests and holy men of all religious persuasions were once the main documenters of our past, but this viewpoint is clearly open to the bias of the churches and the belief systems of the ruling power as well as the interpretations and politics of the era. The historians of centuries ago recorded and reported on events and happenings that took place sometimes thousands of years before their own time. It’s clear that they too were influenced by the society in which they were working their views and interpretations of history, heavily slanted by the culture, values and the time in which they worked.

While archeologists give insights into how various ancient cultures lived, how they made tools, what they ate and what their villages and homes may have looked like, they also used this evidence to make interpretations and observations about the cultures. Of course the remains of the past are highly contestable, one piece of evidence can be used to prove one point of view but it could also be used in a different way to prove a different agenda.

In some cases dates are off by thousands of years. For example it is recorded by history that Stonehenge was created between 2000 and 3000 BCE, but, recently I met a researcher who told me they had found the tooth of an oryx, an animal that is a cross between an elephant and a cow on Salisbury Plain near Stonehenge. This finding, he informed me, was highly significant and changed all the dates in the history books, putting Stonehenge’s creation at around 4000 BCE. He was of the opinion that my dates and my belief that Stonehenge was even older than first thought were spot on, and that the history books would have to be rewritten.

There are amazing artifacts that tell a different story. Only certain subjects remain acceptable by the scientific community. Other items remain controversial; for example, the famous painting called “The Crucifixion,” painted in 1350, hangs above the altar at the Visoki Decani Monastery in Kosovo, Yugoslavia. In the painting there is the depiction of men inside flying crafts clearly identified as space ships.

Even older artifacts like the Lolladoff plate from 7000 BCE discovered in Nepal depicts an object in the center of the disc and a small being beside it, all within a spiral.  Even further back in history are the cave paintings from Val Camonica, Italy dating 10,000 BCE where two beings are wearing protective suits holding instruments. They look like our astronauts of today.

Recent and new discoveries however have forced us to reexamine the known history. The discovery (2015) of giant human skeletal remains found in Ecuador by British anthropologist Russell Dement, did not make mainstream media news despite being a remarkable find and adding legitimacy to the local legends of a race of giants. It’s a fascinating discovery from my point of view especially because the legends tell of giants that belonged to “another part of the universe.” Could this be the reason why the discovery has not made headline news?

This kind of find can cause us to question our long-held assumptions as humans that we are the supreme beings in this galaxy and beyond. It seems farfetched to believe we have been visited by extraterrestrials but there is evidence to support the view. Artifacts exist but may have been interpreted to mean something else.

I mentioned earlier the painting called “The Crucifixion,” where Christ is portrayed on the cross and alien star ships are flying by. This painting hangs in a monastery and is interpreted by Christianity as the crucifixion of Christ. Never mind those people flying by in what looks like UFOs.  I am certain the monks believe they are benevolent beings passing over as Christ rose from the cross.

The concept of beings more advanced than humans, with abilities beyond ours, seem preposterous and leave many people in a state of denial. We are born with amnesia, forgetting where we came from or having any knowledge of our past lives. History denies the existence of star beings or demi gods that we may have previously worshipped lifetimes ago. However, if you look deep enough into today’s cultures and religions there is an understanding and explanation of how we arrived here on earth.

According to Darwin’s theory, man evolved from apes and in some parts of the world this remains as preposterous as humans being influenced by aliens. There is evidence of star beings here on earth in artifacts and the oral history of indigenous tribes. Star beings or extraterrestrial beings have helped shape the human race since the beginning of time. Power and religion have shaped our history lesson based on who won and who has the power. We have been defined through war and conquering land, people and religion.  It is time to pull the veil back and see history in a new light.

Spirit Traveler unravels the past in a new way and suggests a different story. My discoveries will reawaken people to the existence of star beings and what their purpose here on earth was. Spirit Traveler reveals how these people from galaxies beyond our own were here to help shape and evolve the human race. We are not victims in this story. We are infinite souls having a human experience and Spirit Traveler offers an opportunity to reconnect with what really happened at these sacred sites.


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