Turn, Turn, Turn


Turn, turn, turn. Turn around and two months have slipped away. Where are you now? Where do you want to be? How will you get there?

The wheel of the year cranks along and we have choices to make. Free will allows us to choose and from those choices, conscious and unconscious, we live our lives. Often we are unaware of the small choices we make until something big happens. This event throws us into action; well reaction really.

From a place of knowing that we have choices we create our lives. Many of us would not say that we are living the life of our dreams and many more would not acknowledge that we have created our reality. But what if it is true?

My life is of my choosing. What if I accept that responsibility? Responsibility means the ability to respond not “It’s your fault. And I’m bad for my choices… etc. “

Shiela Baker is a practicing and teaching shaman, a psychotherapist, and a PTSD specialist.

So, I have created the life of my dreams, and if I believe that is true I can recreate the life I really want. This premise is wildly freeing. No shame, no blame just open to doing something differently. How lovely.

Now let’s take that freedom and begin to look into this year, 2017. And let’s take the rest of this year to craft a new way of doing and being. Still small voices urge us in that direction. But bigger noisy voices tempt us to stay where we are.

Who will you listen to? Who will guide you? Spirit guides are available and when you deepen your intuition you can listen, hear and take action from that place. The way is discovered for your highest and best or better. Everyone has spiritual guidance, known and unknown.

Guides wish us to be happy. They have only one agenda: the fulfillment of our desires. Crazy, eh? Beings who are on our side, helping, directing and leading us on a journey of transformation. Because without listening and putting that knowledge into action we are the same. Nothing changes.

But when you truly desire with fierce determination there are only actions to be taken and new paths to travel. The old way isn’t working or we would have what we want, be where we want to be and be joyously happy about it.

It’s time to try something different. Are you ready? Ask for help. Angels, spirit guides and power animals are not allowed to offer their wisdom unless you ask. Don’t be afraid. Don’t think you are unworthy of divine guidance. This is why we are here together at this time. To ask. To implement. To be the ones we’ve been waiting for.

The time truly is now. It’s all we have. Jump up and grab your divine guidance. Get busy and ask for help with the important questions in life. What is my purpose? Perhaps it’s to smile at someone who looks sad. Maybe it’s to do some crazy big thing; create packages for people to follow so they are happier.

It’s not important what your purpose is, it’s important that you do it. Every day is a day to learn more about why you are here. Every day is a day to do your best.

There are many paths to freedom and empowerment. Find one that suits your personality. When the personality aligns with the soul purpose life becomes a quest. And it becomes easier and more fulfilling.

So how do we align our personality with our soul’s purpose? First, don’t take anything personally; I personally found this difficult. You see, I like to know I’m doing good so I look for tiny signals that I’m headed the right way. Then I think it’s all about me and presto bango, my ego is doing the happy dance.

But is that important? Not any more. I’m becoming delighted with watching others change their lives in ways I could not imagine. My personality and yours are limited by what’s right true and beautiful for us. The soul has bigger ideas.

This bigger soul perspective allows me and you to be together as we all grow, change and evolve. Anyone can have this perspective of non-competition and align with cooperation so we all benefit from one another’s achievements. And from this place we can celebrate together so everyone is energetically uplifted.

It’s time now to be happy for what we have and to be happy for others who have more and others who have less. The idea is not to judge. When we’re only noticing and witnessing we can want more or less without thinking there is something wrong with me or you.

This observation becomes a beacon for being on the correct track. Then we know when, how and where to course correct. Without blame or judgment life is easier and more fun. Then we notice that someone has something we want, it’s a signal of desire.

These desires then lead us in the direction of fulfillment. Authentic attraction leads us to clear action moving us along the journey of transformation. When we deepen our intuition guidance toward our right true and beautiful life is inevitable. It’s lined up with who we are, where we want to go and how we want to be.

So, figure out what you want, where you want to be at the end of 2017 and ask for spiritual guidance. Voila! A life well lived from authentic ambition. How sweet is that?



About Author

Shiela Baker, a practicing and teaching shaman, is a therapist, nurse, PTSD specialist and holds a Masters’ Degree in Dance Movement Therapy. She shares her knowledge in three books. Look for her recent book, Journeys of Transformation, coming this autumn. Shiela has been teaching shamanism since 1997. She uses many tools to help the soul’s evolution and provide relief from trauma including shamanic tarot, the akashic records, soul retrieval with after-care, yoga, shamanic counseling, and home and business blessings. Please visit www.shielabaker.com, or call 206-904-9404

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