Living Spontaneously and Embracing Life
by Osho
St. Martin’s Griffin

Surely you remember Osho or should I say Shree Rajneesh who was known for his ashram in Oregon and his ’96 Rolls Royces. If not, go to Wikipedia and read about this fascinating and controversial man. Originally from India, he lived and taught in the Unites States in the late ’70s to mid-1980s. Although he was known for possibly engaging in some illegal activities and was deported from the United States, he is also known for his spiritual teachings. He was a contradiction who attracted many followers.

Trust is the 11th and final volume in a series of books that share his teachings. We’re encouraged to learn how to turn within and “rediscover and reclaim the innate trust that is born with each individual.” Using humor, stories, and some challenging words, Osho shows how to live more from your inner power and less from that of those around you.

I like this: “…trust is something which happens in you, it has no outer reference. Trust is your relaxed state of being. Trust means be yourself: don’t do anything which goes against your nature.” Whatever his life was or wasn’t this book does offer some great inspiration for living more in the state of trust and less in the state of fear.


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