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Many of us are starting new projects such as my new TV show, new businesses or expansions, new physical care regiments, and even new forms of spiritual practice. At our Seattle Good Company lunch in January, we went around the table and each gave some tips to support any sort of new beginning. Here they are.

• Release the outcome and expectations of what you’re doing. This frees up your energy to focus on what you’re doing.

• Remember: if things don’t work out, you can always begin again. You can also look at this as changing tactics and continuing forward if the idea of beginning again seems discouraging.

• Creation is always happening and we are a part of that. You can tune  in to creative energy at any time because it is within you.

Krysta Gibson is an author, workshop leader, consultant, and publisher of New Spirit Journal.

• If something isn’t working out, there might be a need for some sort of inner clearing; be open to doing that sort of work.

• Belonging to some sort of support group can be invaluable.

• Consider having a coach who can champion you while also helping you see any blind spots you might have.

• Get an accountability partner, someone who is your peer and whom you trust. Meet weekly in person, by phone or Skype and share what has transpired during the prior week; are you doing what you said you would do?

• Don’t share what you’re doing too soon. Keeping plans to yourself in the beginning protects the energy. Find a trustworthy friend or circle of friends who it is safe to share with.

• Connect to the Universe as this is the source of our supply. People and businesses are only the channels through which supply comes; they are not the Source.

• Stay in the now. When we live in what happened or what is going to happen, we lose our energetic flow and are less effective

• If you are fearful, get busy: action cures fear.

• If you have a business and taxes are a concern, go to the IRS website, there is a lot of good information there that can help you deal with the legal tax requirements.

These are some great tips and we hope they help you with your new beginnings! To learn more about Good Company lunches, go to .


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