Three Keys to Successful Relationships


There are lots of things we can do to improve the relationships in our lives. Whether we’re talking about family, work, friends, or the people we meet casually every day, there are ways we can behave that will help us have more meaningful and happy relationships.

I am going to share three of them here today.

Krysta Gibson is an author, workshop leader, consultant, publisher of New Spirit Journal, and host of “Keeping It Real.”

First, be interested in other people. Just about everyone thinks they are the most important person in the world, at least to ourselves. It’s natural since we spend most of our time with ourselves! If we can reach beyond our own feelings of self-importance and place our attention on other people, it will improve our experiences greatly. It really is easy to be interested in other people since just about everybody has an interesting story to tell if we are only willing to listen to them.

This applies to your partner, spouse, children, boss, friends, and store clerks. Be interested in them and in their lives – truly interested – and you will be fascinated what they can share with you.

Second, give up criticizing, condemning, or scolding other people. It only makes them feel bad about themselves and does nothing to put you in a better light. If you are a parent or boss, there may be times you need to correct someone. This can be done in a positive way without shaming the person.

Third, appreciate and encourage others. We’re all doing our best with what we have to work with. Even someone who seems to be acting in a negative way, is doing their best. When you can find something to appreciate and to praise, you will help support them in behaving in a more positive manner. There is always something good in other people. Find it. Appreciate it. Encourage it. Then watch the person blossom.


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Krysta Gibson is publisher of New Spirit Journal as well as an author, spiritual teacher, and mentor. Currently she is working with self-published authors to assist them in reaching a wide audience. For information on this mentoring program or to learn about her other services  and programs visit Listen to her the third Thursday of each month at 7 a.m. on the Conscious Talk radio program, KKNW 1150 AM, streaming live and archived at

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