They Serve Bagels in Heaven


They Serve Bagels in Heaven
One couple’s story of love, eternity, and the
cosmic importance of everyday life
by Irene Weinberg

Here’s one way to get a book reviewer’s attention: send a bag of six bagels with the review book. It helps if the book has the word bagels in the title, of course. My curiosity was aroused and the bagels were tasty. And the book is really good.

They Serve Bagels in Heaven is the true story of Irene and Saul. One day, Irene was told that Saul would die soon. Not long after this, they were in a car accident; he died and she lived. Dealing with grief and the aftereffects of losing her husband eventually led Irene to someone who could get in touch with Saul through channeling. Irene learned how to get in touch with Saul on her own and together they wrote this book.

It tells the stories of several of their lifetimes together and some of the events that happen in the afterlife; Saul was surprised when he found out they serve bagels in heaven, thus the title of the book.

The authors share inspirational messages and stories and the book can be a great comfort to those who don’t believe in an afterlife. There is so much proof in this book as well as in many others that it is difficult not to believe. Whether or not you have lost a loved one, this book offers some great thought-provoking stories and ideas.


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