The Path of Modern Yoga


The Path of Modern Yoga
The History of an Embodied Spiritual Practice
by Elliott Goldberg
Inner Traditions

If, like me, you’ve wondered how we went from yoga being a hidden, weird thing hippies and new agers did, to yoga studios on almost very corner, this book has the answer. To be honest, I have had the attitude that although it is great that more people are doing yoga, some circles have morphed it into physical exercise and dating rituals rather than the meditation preparation it was meant to be.

Elliott Goldberg does a masterful job of showing how this sacred discipline of yoga was transformed in the early 20th century into a  health and fitness regimen. He also shows how he believes this did not corrupt yoga but allowed for the creation of a sacred yoga for our times: an embodied spiritual practice.

His 10 years of research gave him the ability to tell this story through the lives and accomplishments of 11 key figures: six Indian yogis, an Indian bodybuilder, a rajah, an American-born journalist, an Indian diplomat, and a Russian-born yogi trained in India. The book is engaging and anyone who teaches or does yoga will be served well by reading this book. I found it fascinating.


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