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In Chinese face reading, facial moles are said to be signs of enhanced power. The kind of power depends on the meaning of the part of the face that they mark. What does your facial mole say about you?

Jean Haner

Recently a client asked me, “I’ve always been self-conscious about a mole by my eyebrow. My sister has a mole on the smile line near her nose. Do moles on people’s faces have any meaning?”

In Chinese face reading, moles are said to be signs of enhanced power. The kind of power depends on the meaning of the part of the face that they mark. First we need to understand that in face reading, a mole needs to stick out and be flesh-colored in order to be called a mole. If it’s a flat dark spot on the face, it’s not considered a mole.

For Caucasian people, moles have to be the same color as the skin on the rest of their faces. For people of other races, often moles are slightly darker than the rest of their faces, but are still defined as moles.

To understand what a mole near your eyebrow means, we first need to understand the messages the eyebrows reveal. The eyebrows show your drive, intensity of focus, self-confidence, and how action-oriented you are. If your eyebrows are full and/or long, these qualities are emphasized in your nature. Strong eyebrows also indicate an inherent practicality and desire to get things done – to set goals and achieve them – and the potential for feeling frustrated or angry if you’re blocked from moving forward.

If you already have strong eyebrows and also have a mole there, you probably work hard and play hard. In work, you’ll focus intently on any project, though you really love short-term jobs when you can get something done and move on. In play, you may develop a hyper-focus on things like computer games and find it hard to pull yourself away. Overall, you may well be someone who wants to make this world a better place and has some good ideas for how to do that.

If, on the other hand, your eyebrows are sparse, a mole there can help empower you with a greater supply of confidence, drive, and practicality than you’d have otherwise.

As for your sister, what you call “smile lines” (nasolabial folds), the Chinese call “Purpose Lines” and they are examples of good wrinkles, the kind we’re all supposed to get. Purpose lines develop as an indication that someone is on their path in some way, being true to themselves and creating an authentic life. They don’t mean that everything is perfect in that person’s world, but at least they’re going in the right direction.

These wrinkles are not due to aging; you can see them on young people who’ve found their way early in life, such child actors, for instance, if that’s their life path.

A mole by the Purpose Lines increases that person’s attention to their need to live meaningfully. Professionally they’ll yearn to find their real life purpose, and in personal relationships, the desire to be true to themselves and not compromise is enhanced.

But the boost in power that moles provide also creates potential for challenges. Your sister may struggle with perfectionism, or not being able to settle into a certain career or relationship because of the lingering doubt that this is the absolute right one, that the one that’s really for her is around the next corner.

A mole by the eyebrow increases the possibility that you’ll struggle with frustration and anger in your life, or can turn into a workaholic, and not allow enough downtime in your life. You may put too much emphasis on being practical and not give your emotional nature enough of a voice in your life, or find it hard to relate to people who are more right-brained in their approach.

Sometimes, when people hear that a mole can contribute to problems, they worry that they should have the mole removed in order to avoid any issues. But every personal characteristic you have provides both strengths and challenges in life. I’ve found that just gaining an awareness of your natural tendencies is often all that’s needed to help you navigate life in a way that’s more balanced and healthy.

We’re also influenced by our culture, which has certain standards of beauty that come and go, and right now moles are often judged as unattractive, so people have them removed. It’s not a disaster to have a mole removed, but it’s best to avoid ending up with a scar where the mole used to be. In that case, you’ve gone from having enhanced power to a depletion of that kind of energy in your life.

What face reading teaches is that you were born with all your specific features for a reason. Your face is a blueprint that shows your true inner design; every detail has important information for you about who you came here to be and what your life purpose is. So rather than removing a mole, understanding its messages can empower you for the rest of your life.


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