The Laughable Legacy of Life



The Laughable Legacy of Life
(Note: The text and audio versions are nearly identical.)

Hi this is Trisha with another Angel Talk based upon the fun hidden in the cracks of our daily life that sometimes we don’t even notice!         

My niece asked me to write up interview-style some of the places I’ve been and what I have enjoyed and what some of my favorite memories were and I was amazed at what I originally imagined as a flat plain of dates and deaths and births burst into colorful delights. I had forgotten what a wonderful time I had and how lucky I had been compared not just to the rest of the world, but nearly everyone I knew.

Some of these things came to me by my own mistakes. Marrying the wrong person but for what I thought at the time were the right reasons may have looked like a big error, but then the angels “schooled” me in the fact that my “big bad husband” was someone who served as my opponent to teach me wisdom about money, gave me a great background in numismatics, and showed me nearly every stretch of white sand beach the Caribbean had to offer. Sure, it was not a totally fun marriage but it gave me experiences that my day-to-day life in Denver would otherwise never have provided me.

Trisha Mahi

Trisha Mahi

Perhaps he and I had agreed before we reincarnated to be opponents so we could each learn, because we really did! Sure, there were mental bruises along the way for both of us but every hike has a stone or two with our ankle’s name on it.

I stopped and thanked God for my life. Back then, I sometimes rejected my life and wished I hadn’t been born, and all the other tripe that runs through the mind of a twenty-something. But it was in reviewing all of the questions my niece asked that I became aware how there had always been guiding angels at the helm making sure that my life had meaning and learning events.

True, “learning events” like divorces are not a picnic, but they are survivable and surviving them helps us grow. It is like the resistance a seed has to overcome to push through hard clay dirt, gaining the strength to emerge into the bright sun and become a hardy plant.

If I have learned one thing about my life, thought it was for the most part a typical middle-class life with no zip-lining or paragliding, it was that I have had a life with meaning and love and beauty. I have stories to share which, thanks to my niece’s love of genealogy, will not die along with me.

I had envisioned my life as a Kansas-flat-plain of normal events, but upon closer scrutiny I saw the blessings of some of the best dogs I’ve owned, and now a husband and dog who are just the best souls I have ever met.

Maybe we need to just look a little harder at our lives to see the beautiful contours of our experiences as we pass through life. The habit of dealing with life one day at a time may make us feel like we’re climbing K2, but if we stop and reflect on the long view, we may get a greater appreciation of what our efforts and travails have gifted us.

Yes, God, give me one more day to enjoy. There is a sweet gift in each one!


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Trisha Mahi is an evidential medium who loves channeling the dead, and all things metaphysical, using Hawaii as home base. She can be reached at (808) 938-2887


  1. As always, Trisha, you write what my heart knows but tends to forget. Thank you for sharing the best in human nature. Some times I have trouble seeing it for myself.

  2. Some of my best times Emmy, have been spent on the phone laughing with you about what life does to us and what we try so hard to do with it.

    The world would be a better place if everyone had A friend as good as you.

    Much love,

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