The Illusionary World of Crow


crowA Shiela Baker Journey

I imagine myself standing in my birch bark spirit canoe. Looking right, Bear, my male ancestor, grins, leaping enthusiastically into the water. From the left I hear Too Many Feathers, my female ancestor, singing softly to herself. She seems happy to join us. Fluttering down on the bow is Hawk, my guide. Behind me my protection, the crystals, hummmm. I use all my senses while journeying so not to miss anything. There is a monotonous drumbeat which permeates every cell of my body.

I set my intention: “Guide me to an animal who will or can bring us useful and practical knowledge at this profound time” I request. Overhead an eagle cries. Looking up, the air is alive with birds. Feathers float down and I am blanketed in feathers.

Slowly I rise up and float away from the boat over tall trees, lakes and streams. Villages below me appear very small and far away. I am chilly but not uncomfortable. Mingling with the clouds I am small and insignificant. I bump into something hard which brings me to a halt. Curious! My back is against this hard thing and I slump down and am drawn under it. Emerging from beneath it I see something all pink and paste, like a sunset.

I am transformed. I am a crow. Stretching my arms I see wings, using my voice I hear caw! Caw! Caw! Even more curious. I am in the midst of a crooked, gnarled, barren, and leafless forest. As Crow I am as tall as the trees. Walking past them they flower, fruit and return to their barren state.

This withered grove of trees appears to be on the edge of a cliff for I can see far, far down. Delighted, I extend my wings, lift off. Spiraling down I let out a laughing caw! Ha! Ha! Way far below is a tree. Landing on the top most branch, it bends but doesn’t break beneath my weight. The longer I sit the lower the branch bends until I am delivered onto the ground. As I take the first hop off, the branch springs back into its full tree splendor.

On the ground things are different. Down here, there’s wet dew on the grass and I notice I am thirsty and hungry, my little crow tongue licks up sweet water and I am fully satisfied. Down here, I can hop up onto big boulders with little effort. Down here, I see many of my bird companions walking and talking. Down here, we communicate. Down here, we are not pecking out a survival. Down here, there’s lots of dew for all.

Shiela Baker is a practicing and teaching shaman, a psychotherapist, and a PTSD specialist.

Shiela Baker is a practicing and teaching shaman, a psychotherapist, and a PTSD specialist.

Cocking my head this way and that I survey around me and fly off to a small sturdy tree. This tiny tree doesn’t bend under its burden. Whoa! There are hawks and crows walking wing in wing…. Looking up way far up I see the silhouette of where I was. Charred, gnarly, unfriendly and inhospitable there, and here where we know we are together and there is enough for all. Which will I choose?

Tired, I close my eyes. Too much, I think. Time passes and I open my eyes to find myself sitting on the ground with my back to the tree. Happily, I dig my fingers into the soil. I am glad to be me. The canoe with my guides returns, I thank them and once again I am at the edge of my river where my journeys begin.

From the perspective of five archetypes we’ll uncover the meanings of this journey. The Visionary set the intention and witnesses it. The Visionary is you, you may never have thought of yourself as a visionary but you set things in motion, discover ways to achieve the results you’re wanting.  Presto! Bango! Visionary! You! The Enlightened Spiritual Warrior looked through the crow’s eyes and leapt off the cliff. The Teacher learned that by taking a leap of faith perspective and circumstances can change. Shapeshifting the environment and the conditioned responses we learn.  The more we learn the better we do. The Healer has all her needs met when she was able to walk through the dead forest, bring it back to life one last time then fly on. The Magician is now able to see differently, know when to move/fly on and be open to all possibilities of connection, communication and compassion.

How can we use these perspectives in this journey right now, right this moment to deliver heartfelt acceptance, love and a big fat hug to ourselves first then send that energy out to every being on the planet? A better question is are you willing to do that? I am flying outside of how things ought to be. Illusion! I am not a crow, or am I?

Each person experiencing a journey gains a unique perspective and insight. In Medicine Cards by Jamie Sams and David Carson, Crow was so fascinated by her shadow that with pecking and scratching it woke up and ate her. In my journey, Crow, one last time, brought life to the trees.  Crow knows the unknown mysteries of creation. Crow is the keeper of sacred law. She can bend laws and can shapeshift. Crow medicine is about illusion.

What do you find relevant for your life in this journey? How can you use the teaching and healing to create another way of being a new world illusion? Aho!


About Author

Shiela Baker, a practicing and teaching shaman, is a therapist, nurse, PTSD specialist and holds a Masters’ Degree in Dance Movement Therapy. She shares her knowledge in three books. Look for her recent book, Journeys of Transformation, coming this autumn. Shiela has been teaching shamanism since 1997. She uses many tools to help the soul’s evolution and provide relief from trauma including shamanic tarot, the akashic records, soul retrieval with after-care, yoga, shamanic counseling, and home and business blessings. Please visit, or call 206-904-9404

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