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burglarA 42-year-old man had the following dream:

I recently had a dream that my house was being broken in to. I was in the kitchen, my wife and kids were in different rooms of the house. I heard a noise and realized someone had broken into our house. I moved toward the invader and started to tackle, when I suddenly realized the intruder was a woman. I woke up very confused.

Dreaming of a home invasion is a common theme. While houses or homes can represent different things in dreams, within the context of this theme the home is usually a metaphor for our private life. The invasion of the home is symbolic of feeling like our private life is being invaded or threatened by an outside force. When we look at who or what is doing the invading, we have a clue in the direction of what energy is violating the work-home boundary.

Mimi Pettibone is the creator of the Enchanted Art Oracle Cards, and offers consultations, classes, and groups at East West Bookshop in Seattle

Mimi Pettibone is the creator of the Enchanted Art Oracle Cards, and offers consultations, classes, and groups at East West Bookshop in Seattle

For example, if someone dreamed that their boss broke into their house, it would be very likely that matters related to the person’s job were encroaching upon their personal life. Working too many hours, thoughts of job-related stress, or even working at home – yet feeling cut off from the family or a personal life – could all be triggers for this type of dream, resulting in the symbol of a work-related character (the boss in this example) becoming the perpetrator.

Typically we think of home invaders as men, so this dreamer was particularly surprised by the fact that the intruder was a woman. By working with the dreamer and asking him some questions about what the symbolism represented to him, he made the connection to the idea that he had been considering having an extra marital affair. Our dreaming mind cares intensely about our personal relationship, love, and our connections with others. His takeaway from the dream was that while the temptation of an affair appealed to his libido, there was a deeper part of his psyche that perceived the threat to his family life that it would create. It was this part of his psyche that created the symbolism of a woman invading his home as a message to his conscious mind.

We also looked at the part of the dream where he was in the kitchen, and the rest of his family were each in different rooms of the house. To him this was symbolic of how he was not only feeling disconnected from his wife and children, but that they were all disconnecting from each other in waking life. This reflection caused him great sadness, as it had not always been that way and he longed for the connection they used to feel together.

He contemplated that perhaps this was the reason he was seeking affection elsewhere. By gaining the conscious awareness of what his subconscious mind was showing him through this dream, he decided not to have the affair. He decided instead to devote his energy to reconnecting with his family, and finding ways to bring them together emotionally and physically by spending more time together.

Somehow, if a co-worker had given this dreamer the same advice, it likely would not have landed in the same way as when it came from his own psyche. The dreamer was profoundly moved by the message he received from his own mind. Such is the magic of working with dreams.

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Mimi Pettibone has been fascinated by dreams and what they might mean since she was a little girl. Her practice includes dream interpretation, tarot and oracle readings, and personal growth work focused on relationships, communication and authentic life path. She is the creator of the "Enchanted Art Oracle Cards," and offers consultations, classes and groups at East West Bookshop in Seattle. For more about Mimi or to submit a dream, visit; classes:; oracle cards: .


  1. Years ago when I was living on a 130 acre farm by myself and loving it, I began having dreams of people invading my house. I’d dream about coming home from work and there’d be people I didn’t know in my house and sometimes strange horses in my pasture. A few years after I’d moved off the farm my nightmare became reality. The farm was split up into small parcels and people began building houses and moving onto the farm. Someone began an organic blueberry farm and then having concerts at the farm on weekends, drawing lots of people out to the farm. My dream was sadly prophetic.

    • I have lived in a secluded valley on the Olympic Peninsula for the past 40 years. I have had hundreds of dreams of having my space invaded in one way or another….I would come home to find that the land had been clear cut, homes and condos sprung up everywhere, people on atv’s riding everywhere, the river full of people in boats, people drinking and partying, and on and on. I would be totally freaked out, yelling and screaming and trying to get them to leave and to understand that this was sacred ground. More often than not I would wake up in a cold sweat. The dreams are less frequent and less intense now, tho I did have one just a few nights ago. And strangely enough my son, who was born on the property, tells me he is having those dreams now.

      • Hi Jerry,
        How interesting that both you and your son are having these dreams. See if the metaphor described in the column fits (i.e. a sense of invasion of your private life). If not, and if you sense that they may be precognitive, ask yourself if there are actions you can take now to help prevent the dream/nightmare scenario from happening. Things are not always set in stone and many times a dream can come to warn us of a potential future so that we my take action to prevent it (or worst case, prepare for it, or get away from it such as a natural disaster). Also notice if any of the qualities of this dream are different from your other dreams. For example if you experience a different type of visual, auditory, or kinesthetic sensation in this recurring dream. It could be interesting to compare notes on this with your son, as well. Best of luck & feel free to reach out any time via my website if you have any specific questions.

  2. Hi Kathy,
    Thank you so much for sharing your experience. It is a great reminder that working with dreams is not a cut and dry process! People often say ‘what does it mean if I dream _____?’ Well, that depends on what it means to the dreamer. Many common dream themes do have a universal meaning that will apply to most people, however we must always look at what fits for the dreamer on an individual basis. I have had very similar experiences to yours. In some cases, a dream can be very prophetic and literal, but looking at it as a metaphor may also have great value. This has been personally true for me – not always, but in some cases. Working with a dream is like being a detective, we must explore all the clues and see what leads to the ‘click’ for the dreamer. Thank you so much for sharing and I wish you the best,

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