The Cosmic Power Within You


The Cosmic Power Within You
The Cosmic Energizer
Within You is the Power
by Joseph Murphy

These three classic books are the first reissues to inaugurate TarcherPerigee’s new line, The Joseph Murphy Library of Success. Originally from Ireland, Joseph Murphy was a prolific writer and greatly admired New Thought minister who is best known for The Power of Your Subconscious Mind.

Each of these books stands alone in its ability to inspire, educate, and support the readers in creating a life of health, happiness, and success. They are filled with stories of people who used the techniques, prayers and affirmations given, leading the reader to think, “If it worked for them, surely it will work for me!”

The Cosmic Power within You shows a simple way to harness the cosmic power hidden within to achieve physical, spiritual, and career success. He writes, “This book is clearly designed to reveal to you in a simple down-to-earth manner and in everyday language how to lead a richer, fuller, and more glorious life.”

The Cosmic Energizer features ancient prayers, techniques and meditations for calling upon the great power of the universe, the eternal force that will act on your heartfelt desires and lead you into a cosmic view of life. This power, he says, is the presence of God within us and it is our birthright to use it.

Within You is the Power takes you into different cultures and ancient teachings from around the world based on a 50-day journey the author took around the world in 1976.

Reasonably priced at $15 per soft cover book, there is no reason not to purchase all three or put them on your wish list so others can gift you with them. Although the basic concepts are substantially the same, the way they are expressed along with the stories, prayers, and processes in each book make each unique. If you want to be inspired and motivated to live a more fulfilling spiritual life, get these books.


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