Spiritual Telepathy: An Interview with Colleen Mauro


telepathyConnecting to your soul gives you a sense of your higher purpose, a constant source of guidance, and makes a real difference in your life.

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That’s according to Colleen Mauro, a life-long student of the untapped powers of the mind, intuition, and the subtle realms. Spiritual telepathy is the experience of becoming aware of communications from higher realms.

“We don’t audibly hear the information; the information is just dropped into our brains where it becomes part of our conscious awareness,” Mauro explains.

Colleen Mauro is the author of "Spiritual Telepathy."

Colleen Mauro is the author of “Spiritual Telepathy.”

Mauro had her own experience of spiritual telepathy nearly 30 years ago, when the words “Center for Applied Intuition” flashed through her mind.

“I immediately knew it wasn’t my thought. It made no logical sense,” Mauro says. She knew of the Center and its founder, former Stanford Research Institute scientist Bill Kautz, and rather than dismissing the thought, decided to call Kautz.

At the time, Mauro was out of work and looking for her next magazine gig. In connecting with Kautz, she ended up on the path to founding Intuition Magazine, which she ran with great success for seven years.

“I was putting one foot in front of the other and following my guidance,” Mauro recalls. “There’s an esoteric saying, ‘The only thing you need to know is the next step.’ We don’t really need the big picture. I was just taking the next step.”

Everyone has the ability to make contact with the higher worlds, Mauro says, and everyone is needed to contribute their experience of what Mauro sees as an evolutionary step for humanity.

“It was wonderful to realize there’s a step-by-step process, almost a scientific process,” Mauro says. “When we contact the soul, everything changes. We lose our sense of separateness and realize we are all part of the soul of humanity, one great universal life. Our consciousness shifts from the personal to the universal.

“We understand we are connected to everything, including the earth. Our personal ambition shifts. We desire to work for the greater good. You could imagine how our world would change if we had a critical mass of people who make this shift. It’s essential when we’re in a crisis position that we have people who have this consciousness.”

Mauro agrees with other spiritual teachers who see opportunity in the current crises facing the world. Just as ancient amphibians evolved when their habitat underwent crisis, we can evolve our way through global warming, loose nuclear weapons, and other threats to civilization.

“We need to make the leap forward now, not onto land, but into the subtle worlds,” she says.

She teaches a creative meditative process that requires daily practice and refinement of our physical, emotional and mental bodies.

“This type of meditation allows us to create the threads and cables that link us to the higher worlds,” Mauro says. “We do this by projecting our attention upward to the soul, day after day. As we do this, we anchor small threads of energy that eventually form a symbolic bridge between the mind, the brain and the soul.”

Through practices she details in the book, students can learn to settle both their emotions and their minds. From there, they can contact their souls, experience higher realms, and serve as pioneers of human evolution.

“We move from me to we,” Maura says. “When we connect to the soul, we realize we are part of the group soul. We want to be of service. We need to share that information. The light of the soul that comes into our bodies and hearts and minds isn’t personal. It’s universal. We need to send it out in service.”

Listen to the recording for more of this interview. Colleen invites NSJ subscribers to read the introduction to Spiritual Telepathy at http://www.spiritualtelepathy.net/. The book is available on Amazon.com


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