Soulful Conversations with a Horse Named Ruth


It was Hug-A-Horse day and my first time at Centaur Development Wellness Center in Snohomish, Wash. As a beautiful buckskin quarter horse approaches the fence, owner Stacy stops to introduce Ruth. I hear Ruth say “I’m a teacher. We have a soul agreement. I’m teaching ‘spiritual evolution’ in the physical.” I repeat these words to Stacy, who is also a life coach and equine professional. I feel an urgency with the message as I hurry to catch up with the rest of the group.

I enter the arena and observe a calm energy exchange as women brush and stroke Ella and Zea. The horses are connected with the group on the deepest level, the soul level. I walk over to Ella and say hello and instantly feel anger. Confused, I ask why? It’s Stacy who replies Ella’s upset that I communicated with Ruth first. I respect her feelings and move over to Zea who is enjoying the attention and seems to be happy to give everyone what we need. The day ends with intuitive card readings and messages from the horses.

My next encounter with Ruth is during a reading where she begins by saying she’s ‘the apple of Stacy’s eye” and they have a “special connection.”

Animal Intuitive Darcy Pariso

Stacy later shared “I put Ruth in the arena before Darcy called so I could see her reactions to their conversation. She had reactions. At times, Ruth would stop and pause for no apparent reason, as if she were listening. At other times, she would walk over to me and stand close with her head down in a very relaxed and calm position and then become very agitated and bit at my legs. She was clearly feeling a mixture of emotions that I could see by her body language.”

Stacy begins by asking Ruth to go into the horse trailer, explore it and get comfortable. I show Ruth images while Stacy promises they will keep each other safe. Their relationship is a partnership and to trust Stacy will take care of her and she also needs to be able to trust Ruth.

Ruth listens intently before replying she’s “wise and has eons of wisdom.” She’s a “dream weaver” and shows images of a past life where she’s a Native American horse named Spirit living with a shaman. Ruth is still very connected to that time. She helps the earth and works with water. I hear “fluid liquid.”

Meanwhile, Ruth is showing Stacy images of pushing a bucket over and letting the water flow. Containment seems to bother her. Stacy adds apparently their relationship is much more than horse and rider and that she knew this but appreciated the reminder.

Stacy continues, “I hear that I should step into my spiritual aspect more. Ruth is frustrated that she has stepped into this lifetime with me/the shaman and she remembers the past lifetime, and I do not. I have known that I am a healer and can manifest almost anything since I was a child.”

I see teenagers choosing sides, experiencing jealousy, and hurt feelings. Older sister, Ella, is the alpha in the group and very spiritual. Ella and Zea, are very close. Zea follows Ella’s lead and dotes on her. She too is aggressive to Ruth. The sisters are stuck in a “push/pull” relationship with two against one.

Ruth feels angry and resentful and says it’s unfair she’s excluded. She craves the old relationship. She is at the bottom of the group, though her frustration is at the top. She concludes an issue is the other horses are “babied.” Stacy responds Ruth has to be separated because of her behavior toward pasture mates and, at four-years-old, is the baby of the herd.

Ruth feels she’s in a “box” which frustrates her. Stacy acknowledges she is in a box at night in her stall, then again, during the day where her pastures are small compared to being a free-roaming Indian horse.

The conversation moves to Stacy’s desire to take Ruth on trail rides, the importance of being 100% in the moment and her body movements. We talk to Ruth, show her images of starting slowly, working together and building trust. I ask Stacy to include this as part of their communication. Ruth is highly intelligent and needs to keep herself occupied physically, emotionally and energetically. I reach out to St. Francis who agrees to help her. We give her a job of seeing herself calm and relaxed while helping Stacy heal the other horses in the barn from various lameness issues using healing energy.

Stacy explains Ruth can be very aggressive and petty with an attitude when they are one-on-one. I suggest when she misbehaves, Stacy walks away and ignores her and to reward positive behavior. Ruth is aggravated hearing this and begins biting Stacy’s leg. She declares her aggressiveness is because she is not happy with her mundane and captive life today and desires much more freedom.

I see their soul agreement having multiple aspects with Ruth being humble, moving into acceptance, and feeling love. I tell them there is a lesson for each of them and when they are ready, they will move forward.

Ruth shows Stacy healing animals, leaning on her, releasing and clearing. Physically, she becomes very loving toward Stacy and sees herself stepping into a confident, proud, accomplished horse then announces she is a “magnificent” horse. I agree and ask her to make Stacy proud and be this horse.

We conclude with Ruth asking Stacy to find their spiritual connection at bedtime and start communicating with her. She says to “set an intention” to hear her. Stacy has asked Ruth to come to her in her dreams and thanks her for the reminder. She adds it’s great confirmation to hear they’re already doing the work, getting messages in other ways and dimensions.

Having a deeper understanding of each other’s challenges and desires will help this team to work together toward a common goal. It allows them to align more closely with their purpose and become the “magnificent” souls they came here to be.

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