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Life is a winding road, for sure, and the path of the seeker is a strange and wonderful journey in which words are usually insufficient in attempts to properly relay. But of course, let me try anyway, for I am in love with the great mystery of being alive and knowing more the greater truths of consciousness.

But this knowing greater truths thing can be a fool’s errand, for the very nature of consciousness is subjective as well as objective, and certainly not a one-size-fits-all undertaking. So why even attempt sharing what I find in my explorations with you? I just simply must.

I have been enamored with various teachers all throughout this immersion in self-discovery. Most have given keen directions on how to navigate the inner worlds, and when followed have nearly always produced results. Sometimes, the results are favorable, other times it is a dead-end that has led to a place of confusion. But even this is valuable, for it seems that in the quest to find truth it is not actually necessary to search for truth; it is more valuable to remove the obstacles to it. Therefore, it is valuable to know who you are not.

Science and religion are coming together, but they always have been, and the result is called spirituality. Seems like such a simple notion; spirituality has been defined as merely what is beyond the physical. Somewhere in between the seen and the unseen, the world lives and moves. But aren’t there many worlds? Here is where the fun begins.

Some seek not to know anything more than surface appearances and are happy living as a body and dying, doing one life span and that is the beginning and the end. For me, that path was always tremendously frightening, for it felt somehow off. Just off, away from the truth of what I am and what I am for. But let each of us have our own, for there is value in every way.

Like a programmed robot I sometimes feel, until real love crosses my path. Here, I know I came from something nearly inconceivable. Humans are massively creative, resourceful and capable. We have been given a world of earth and space and time in which to create, and there is no limit to what can be done. Now that we are on the approach to living in a quantum world, there are old-school notions being shattered by the dozens. What once was, isn’t anymore. These old notions were once deemed cutting edge, and now we find that they were instead stepping stones.

One theory about the soul is that it is discernable, even measurable, and that the soul carries our consciousness and the sum-total of what we are, like a thumb drive inserted in a usb port. This means that we are essentially not our bodies, which has been being taught by mystics all throughout history, as well as now. One researcher gave some soul-food for thought: In near death experiences, the soul departs the body and has access to information not available to it incarnate, which it can discern and return to the same body with. Now, the near-deather is forever changed through a never-before realized perception of “reality.”

But those of us who soul-travel and live in the mystical realms by way of a life of practical application of ancient spiritual principles already were aware of this seeming phenomenon: that we can glean oodles of insight and live in the interpenetrating ether, as it has been called, and yet also in a physical body. In short, we can change with what we identify as our basic nature, or the truth of who we are as individuals and as a unified whole. And with this comes a sort of responsibility.

From my view, this is not a way of life available to only some; it is a way available to anyone. The way to achieve breaking through the veils and impediments imposed by limited and limiting beliefs is through a sincere inquiry which can only be done in the self, the very soul of each of us, where a certain unity is actually found. When we tap into universal love, allow ourselves to give and receive as the universe does, the answers to some of the deeper questions of who and what we are, await our discovery.


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Kevin is the author of "A Thousand Screaming Monkeys, One Man’s Journey to Peace Through Addiction, Alcoholism and Recovery." He writes, “Life is a sweet gift! Having lived long in a world of tunnel vision, awakening to the greater reality of divine love has given me something to talk about. I am a published author, the drummer for Waking Maya, a yoga teacher, and a devoted practitioner of prayer, meditation and mystical exploration. My world has now become about being of service to the subtle calling I found deep within as a result of inquiring, who am I, what am I for?” He can be reached at .

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