Soaring Eagle


I am standing on the edge of the river where the journey always begins and where I always return. There is familiarity and comfort knowing the beginning and ending of things. Now I am ready to journey for all of us.

As I leap into the canoe my male ancestor reaches out and takes my hand so I land safely. The female ancestor on the left is shaking her head in bewilderment. Hawk is in the bow flapping his wings anxiously and the crystals are glimmering in the stern behind as protection.

These helpful allies are constant companions on my journeys and if you chose to you may also have spirit guides and allies as escorts for your life and to  assist you with important life questions.

I set the intention to ask for an animal for our journey together. Way up overhead Eagle flies but I think, “He is not for me.” A feather drops from the sky so I reconsider. Eagle sweeps down and grabs the feather. “If you do not wish it I can take it away,” he chimes. Embarrassed, I bow my head and say, “I will gratefully accept your gift, wise one.” A ferocious cry erupts from him and I feel chastised.

I feel very small and insignificant, so small that I am able to ride on eagle’s back. We soar up and up, leaving the tiny earth behind us. He trembles; I fear that I will fall off. I can feel him laughing at me and now I feel silly. We swoop and dive. It is all very magical.

Then abruptly he stops and we hang in the air. Breathlessly I wait and wait and wait. “Remember who you are,” he whispers. In a moment I notice that I am in my canoe at the edge of my river. “Thank you,” I shout as I see him far up in the sky.

The journey is short and powerful. Life-changing events are often fast, furious and they alter the way we perceive ourselves. Five archetypes aid me in understanding my journeys. As the visionary I use all my senses and my body to be aware in the journey. In the role of the enlightened spiritual warrior I feel undeserving and insignificant. In the role of the teacher I apologize and then gratefully accept this powerful gift. In the role of the healer I am told to remember who I am. As the magician I can practice self acceptance. I am enough. And by the way, so are you.

Each person experiencing a journey gains a unique perspective and insight. Let’s look at the metaphors in this journey.

Eagle medicine is inspirational. Many cultures have myths and legends surrounding the eagle. Eagle is a symbol of freedom, spiritual power and illumination. These magnificent birds are able to soar and can see from great heights. Their metaphysical energy is healing and they are thought to be predators who keep the world in balance. Known to hover before striking their prey, they use their powerful wings to glide slowly and silently so as to not be heard. Thus they have tremendous control as well as great vision from which we can learn.

I thought that Eagle is not for me. My limited idea of myself is that I am small and unworthy but Eagle did not indulge my negative fantasy. He was ready to move on if I was not willing to accept his gifts. There is no time to waste on self-indulgent behavior for it is appropriate that each of us step into our power and remember who we are and why we are now on the planet. We are spiritual beings having a physical experience with the ability to soar and dive. The choice is mine and it is yours.

In this journey I was on Eagle’s back as we swooped, dove, hovered and soared. These movements are now part of my cellular memory. Modern science shows that muscles hold memory, which is how we can remember how to ride a bicycle after not riding for years. My muscles know how to do these movements now. You can practice too by leaping; in your mind’s eye or in real life.

Modern life is fast paced and swiftly moving. We can hesitate or we can respond quickly, only you can chose which is appropriate. But, if you wait what will you miss? If you move too quickly what is the fear in over reacting? What’s holding you back from what you are here to do? Is it your poor self-esteem? Perhaps it’s your lack of courage?

What do you find relevant for your life in this journey? Where do you feel unworthy? Are you ready to take the leap? If not now, then when? You have spirit guides and allies who are willing to help you remember who you are. Together we can find them. Aho.


About Author

Shiela Baker, a practicing and teaching shaman, is a therapist, nurse, PTSD specialist and holds a Masters’ Degree in Dance Movement Therapy. She shares her knowledge in three books. Look for her recent book, Journeys of Transformation, coming this autumn. Shiela has been teaching shamanism since 1997. She uses many tools to help the soul’s evolution and provide relief from trauma including shamanic tarot, the akashic records, soul retrieval with after-care, yoga, shamanic counseling, and home and business blessings. Please visit, or call 206-904-9404

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