Sexual Energy is Creative, Joyful, and Fulfilling


Antonia-HallAs we are all aware, sexuality is a natural part of human function. It’s the fabric through which we were all created and is part of being truly alive. Sexual energy is as natural and needed as the air we breathe or the food we need to nourish our bodies. Our bodies are not only wired for more pleasure than many people know is possible, but by tapping into this potent life force, it’s possible to live an infinitely more joyful, flowing and happy life than you ever dreamed possible. By employing simple practices, your energy will radiate outward into all areas of your life because sexual energy is creative, joyful, and fulfilling and offers incredible healing and transformational potential. Embracing and utilizing your innate sexual energy is a component of living your highest life potential.

Almost everything from cars to burgers are sold with sex in the Western World, yet expression of this basic human function still arrives with stigma and shame attached. It’s not surprising that there’s such a deep disconnect between what we’re told we should feel about sexuality and what many of us actually feel about sexuality.

In Eastern cultures secret techniques to cultivate pleasure in every area of one’s lives have been selectively passed down for thousands of years. Using the practices regularly can lend more juicy, creative energy to your everyday life. I know we lead busy lives and you may not want an additional thing to add, but these techniques are valuable resources to have in your tool chest, and many of them can be added to even the busiest of schedules. Once you’ve learned the practices, they can be a powerful and valuable resource you can draw upon for the rest of your life.

One of the powerful tools handed down to us from ancient wisdom is conscious breathing. For many of us, breathing has become not only rote, but also far too shallow. We have a tendency to hunch over and breathe into our chests, rather than sitting up straight and bringing air all the way into our bellies. This can prevent one from getting sufficient oxygen. In yogic tradition there is an expression: breath is life.

By sitting up straighter, and taking time for mindfully breathing a little more deeply throughout the day, you’ll already be contributing to your body’s wellbeing at a cellular level, releasing more carbon dioxide and improving the body’s functioning. Slow deep breaths offer relaxation and can quickly help one to de-stress, while short quick breathing can quickly recharge and energize the body, as well as release negative energies. Also, with practice, one can move breathe throughout the body to experience pleasure or increase sensation during intimate moments.

Another recommended technique is to learn to move energy throughout the body. Sexual energy can be brought up the spine to allow for healing of stuck energies. With practice both men and women can learn to become multi-orgasmic and experience full body orgasms, whereby the often expelled orgasmic energy is instead brought into the body. This can be immensely pleasurable, fulfilling and energizing. These practices can also lead to deeply transcendent experiences, because we are all essentially sexual spiritual vessels.

Energy moves with focus and intention, but it’s recommended that one begins slowly. Never try to force energy to move. As you become used to moving these potent energies, remember to breath and stay open to your body’s wisdom without attachment to outcome.

Breath and energy work alone can be transformative in their potential for healing and increasing pleasure, but there are many other practices available to assist you in tapping into your most potent energy source. Explore, and keep adding resources to your routine. Imagine yourself living life with more vibrant, joyous energy, your relationships being more loving and harmonious, and no longer being brought down and at the effect of outside influences.

You can live from a place of your personal power and connection, have more creative energy, and experience attracting the people and experiences that support your life. You are innately creative, abundant and ripe to experience deep fulfillment, and the resources are available to assist your journey to living your brightest potentials.


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Antonia Hall is the award-winning, bestselling author, of "The Ultimate Guide to a Multi-Orgasmic Life." Ms. Hall is a self-improvement expert, spiritual teacher and artist. She is committed to helping people bring more pleasure into their lives and, as a longtime blogger, is known as an inspirational catalyst for positive living. Her teachings and writings offer practical guidance on utilizing our inherent sexuality to enrich our everyday lives. Antonia has a passion for helping people live to their greatest potential. Ms. Hall graduated cum laude from Dominican University in Marin County, where she received a B.A. in Psychology. She received her M.A. at the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology. While she is based in Beverly Hills, Calif., Antonia is a worldwide traveler who has spent many years living abroad in the Netherlands, France, Mexico, and Costa Rica. She is also an artist and nature enthusiast who devotes time to protecting the environment and promoting green living. Learn more about Antonia at

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