Seasoned with Gratitude


Seasoned with Gratitude
250 Recipes and Blessings Celebrating the Greater Nourishment of Real Food
by Kathryn LaFond
Greater Nourishment Publishing

Yum. More than a simple cookbook with 250 recipes, Seasoned with Gratitude will have you falling in love with food, nutrition, spices, herbs, the cycles of life, and words! Kathryn LaFond shares her own story of growing her relationship with all types of food as well as her journey to becoming a chef and cookbook artist.

She gives a wonderful understanding of food and cooking as it relates to us as people and souls and then provides a wonderful assortment of cooking ideas and recipes for every possible dietary need. Whether you’re vegan, vegetarian, meat-eater, omnivore, gluten-free, it won’t matter. Not only is there something here for you but you will be inspired to broaden your understanding of the place food has in your life and on the planet.

There are beautiful line drawings throughout the book and each recipe is accompanied by a thoughtful quote or poem truly bringing soul to each dish. If you’re ready for something a little different and if you’re ready to be inspired when in your kitchen, Seasoned with Gratitude belongs in your home.


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