Rituals and Ceremonies with Judith Laxer


Krysta’s guest today is Rev. Judith Laxer, modern-day mystic and founding Priestess of Gaia’’s Temple, an inclusive, earth-based ministry in Seattle, WA. The day the show was recorded was the Spring Equinox. Rev. Judith talks about rituals in general as well as ways to celebrate spring. Both Krysta and Judith then share their ideas for having positive new beginnings.

Rev. Judith Laxer is a modern-day mystic who believes that humor, beauty and the wonders of nature make life worth living. The founding Priestess of Gaia’s Temple, an inclusive, earth-based ministry in Seattle, Washington, Judith also enjoys a successful private practice as a psychic, spiritual counselor, hypnotherapist, shamanic practitioner and teacher of women’s mysteries.

A keynote speaker and author of Along the Wheel of Time: Sacred Stories for Nature Lovers [Ravenswood Publishing], Judith has presented classes and workshops on the re-emergence of the Divine Feminine since 1993 at conferences nationally. She dedicates her work to restoring the balance between feminine and masculine energy in our culturewww.judithlaxer.com, www.gaiastemple.org

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