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review-quantum-touchQuantum-Touch Pendant
by Richard Gordon

The Quantum Touch Pendant is a beautiful piece of jewelry that is much more than that. Quantum Touch is a form of energy work or hands-on healing. It works with the life force energy of the body to promote optimal wellness. This energy is also known as chi or prana. Richard Gordon, the founder of Quantum Touch, has discovered that we can put energy into physical objects. He designed these pendants, linked them together,  and then had many Quantum Touch practitioners put healing energy, unconditional love, into the pendants.

In a You Tube video, he explains how the pendants hold their charge and actually get stronger as thousands of people continue to add energy to the joined pendants.

We were sent two pendants to try and review. When I held mine, I could immediately feel the energy or buzzing and set about wearing it 24-hours a day. After two nights of not being able to sleep, I began to wear it only when I was up and active. Some interesting positive events happened for me shortly after wearing the pendant and it feels wonderful to wear it.

However, I did come down with two colds, a rare thing for me, and I did not experience relief because of the pendant. What I can’t know is if because of the pendant, the colds were less severe or if some other kind of healing was going on behind the scenes. Time will tell.

The other person who worked with the pendant found the energy so intense she couldn’t continue wearing it for any length of time and will continue to get used to the energy and see what happens.

My conclusion is there is something positive to these pendants and I look forward to wearing mine longer and noting results. Some people will be skeptical, of course, so I say give it a chance if you feel drawn to the pendant. I’m glad to have mine and look forward to more unfolding insights.

TheYouTube video to watch is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FweXADo9MwA

You can learn more about Quantum Touch and the pendants here.


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