Positive Thinking Will Never Change Your Life… But this Book Will


review-positive-thinkingPositive Thinking Will Never Change Your Life… But this Book Will
by David Essel

There’s a saying from Ernest Holmes, the founder of the Centers for Spiritual Living (formerly known as Religious Science): “When you treat, move your feet.” This means that when we use tools such as positive thinking, spiritual mind treatment, vision boards, affirmations, or visualizing, we also must take action in the material world. This is the message of this book.

Essel is not against positive thinking nor is he against any of the other wonderful manifestation tools that exist. His point, so well made in the book, is that none of those things work unless you do. He presents a wonderful case that explains how to make these valuable techniques part of what you do to attain your goals, but only a part.

Reaching our goals, he teaches, involves having an action plan and following that plan while having the support of a coach, counselor, or group that will hold us accountable for our behaviors. He shares the writings of people like Gregg Braden, Diane Collins, Eldon Taylor, Dr. Joe Vitale, Mark Victor Hansen and others who are well-known for their work in the human potential field. All of them underscore the message shared in this book. Positive thinking is great, even necessary, but it won’t take you all the way to your goals on its own.

If you’ve attended seminars and classes, read books and listened to audio programs and are still not reaching your goals, get this book. It will help you understand why these tools aren’t working for you and what to do about it. The only thing you have to lose is magical thinking and what you can gain is the accomplishment of your goals and dreams.


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