Harnessing the Life-Changing Power of Giving Yourself a Break
by Rachel O’Meara

Today’s world is built on go-go-go. We send and receive information almost instantaneously and it seems expected that we engage in some sort of activity constantly. What if we made the decision to pause once in awhile? What if we unplug from our devices one day a week? What if we took a five-minute walk in the middle of the day allowing ourselves to replenish?

Rachel O-Meara was a customer support manager at Google when she realized she was burned out and needed to reassess her path. She learned how to take a “pause;” a time-out to create space for her inner voice to be heard and to align her actions to lead a more fulfilled life.

In Pause, she shares her stories as well as those of others who have found ways to create this time-out in their lives. She says, “The best way to do this is to simply create a pause by extracting yourself from your everyday environment. Take a class or learn a new skill… start a new exercise routine… host a friend for a visit… all of these can be viewed as pauses… any intentional change in your routine where you introduce something new that makes you think or do whatever it is differently. The time that you set aside for yourself is the pause.”

Maybe if more of us did this, we could bring new energy and ideas and solutions to the issues we’re facing in today’s world. At least pausing once in awhile can’t hurt, so give it a try!


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