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What are spagyric remedies? And what does eating whole, organic foods have to do with dentistry? Dr. Carla Yamashiro shares how, for optimum health, oral health needs to take place at the physical, mental, and spiritual levels.

“A new truth is a new sense, for with it comes the ability to see things which we could not see before and things which cannot be seen by those who do not have the new truth.” –Westin A. Price, DDS

Dr. Carla Yamashiro

Dr. Carla Yahashiro

Dr. Price is best known for his studies on the effects of diet in dental disease and overall health. While vegans may not be able to stomach his dietary recommendations of consuming animal products, it is safe to say most of us can agree that eating whole, fresh, organic and unprocessed foods will likely lead to a healthier life.

Sometimes it takes awhile for some of us to come to the “new truth.” I remember growing up in Hawai’i where coconut water came from the coconut, raw and unprocessed. The only heat treatment it ever saw was from the sun. My dad handpicked and husked them, cracked open a small hole at the top of the hard inner shell to pour us a glass of fresh coconut water. Back then I thought it was gross water. He said, “Drink! It’s full of nutrients and good for your health!” I said, “It’s gross!”

My dad laughed and shook his head in disbelief when I told him that people on the mainland buy small bottles of raw coconut water for about $5. I didn’t have it in me to tell him that I had become one of those people. 

In integrative biological dental medicine, I believe we have a new truth and that the physical, mental/emotional and energetic bodies must be addressed as all three contribute either to our health or to the disease process. 

Eastern traditions have long known about “things which cannot be seen” as they have always considered the subtle energy body as necessary in maintaining and restoring health. We see this with the benefits of Tai Chi as well as in acupuncture medicine and the meridian system. 

The physician and alchemist Paracelsus understood the principles of the physical body (Sal), emotions and the mind (Sulfur), consciousness and spirit (Mercurius) and its use in medicine. Using this same alchemical process with quantum science understanding, the physical body, mind, and spirit bodies can be harmonized to address healing on all levels with Spagyric Medicine.

Spagyric remedies are taken through the alchemical process of distillation and maceration. Plants and herbs are planted and harvested according to specific times of day that is optimum for each plant and according to the cycles of the planets, sun, and moon in order to create a product that is of the highest vibration and quality, healing on all three levels; physical, mind/emotional, and spiritual/energetics.

In dentistry, each tooth has an associated meridian and when a tooth is diseased, the entire meridian is affected. When a tooth is diseased and treated physically, the healing process can be fully supported on all three levels when using specific spagyric remedies associated with the tooth and its corresponding meridian. 

It may take some time to come to this new truth that healing needs to take place at the physical, mental, and spiritual levels. From a quantum perspective, we will come to understand that treating just the physical form from our limited view of our physicality, is like believing the world is flat. Which reminds me of something else my dad would say to me “Use your coconut!” Translation: “Use your head!” – The world is not flat; it’s round like a coconut! Chew on That!


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Dr. Carla Yamashiro is a dentist and board certified naturopathic physician practicing holistic dentistry at Ecologic Dentistry in Bonney Lake, Washington. Her “Chew On This!” articles serves up bite sized pieces of information to chew on. You decided what to swallow and what to spit out! Visit Ecologic Dentistry online at and on Facebook: EcologicDentistry.

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