Live Your Happy


Live Your Happy
Get Out of Your Own Way and Find the Love within
by Maria Felipe
New World Library

A small but powerful book that packs a punch, Live Your Happy is an ideal companion to the Course in Miracles. Rather than talk about the ideas in the Course, Maria Felipe has created a program one can follow to embody the teachings. Using her great sense of humor, personal stories, and deep insights, she walks with the reader along this path to living a miraculous life.

The nine chapter headings will give you an idea of what to expect:
     *You are not bad and you are not going to hell
     *You are not who you think you are
     *You are not alone
     *You are the love of your life
     *You are now ready to practice the F word
     *You are fearless
     *You are not stuck
     *You are getting ready
     *Living Your happy

This is a book to live with and treasure as you work through the various processes given by the author who so freely shares her own journey with us.


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