Life is a Mystery


There was a great article in the Washington Post this week. It’s about Homo naledi, a new species of human cousin found in South Africa two years ago. Scientists have never seen anything like this and it means a re-thinking of the origins of humanity and who else was wandering the forests in our early years.

The article says: “This is a humbling discovery for science,” said Lee Berger, a paleoanthropoloigst at the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg. “It’s reminding us that the fossil record can hide things… we can never assume that what we have tells the whole story.”

Indeed! How often have you been so sure you were right about something? That you totally understood an issue or another person in your life? And how often have you made decisions based on your belief that you’re right? Many times, I am sure.

How about changing that. How about living life from the perspective of, “Yes, I know such and such, and as far as I know, this is correct. But, I realize I might not have all the facts. I realize I might be partially blinded by what I think is true. So, I will keep an open mind. I will remain aware and alert to new information, new findings. And if I am made aware of something new, I will change my position to reflect the new information.”

What a refreshing way to live. Always open and aware and alert to the mystery that life is. Just for today, why not live in this state of life’s mystery and see what new ideas, concepts, people, and situations come your way?


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