Let’s Talk Surrender


Let’s talk surrender, shall we? We live in very complicated times. Most of us are so busy and goal-oriented that we rarely take time to sit down and let ourselves be. For the next week, let’s surrender to our higher self, soul-self, God-being, whatever term works for you. Find some time every day to be involved in active surrender. This is a deep letting-go that underlies everything we might have to do this week.

Active surrender stems from the understanding that everyone (and that includes you and me), every feeling, every thing, and every event in our lives does have meaning and reason even when we can’t comprehend what it might be. Knowing this gives us the freedom to go ahead and live our lives fully regardless of the circumstances we might be facing or the mistakes we might make. It gives us the courage to be and do our best, whatever form this might take, and to know beyond any doubt that we are loved and cared for in an incredible way by life itself.

It is through our willingness to surrender to the all-encompassing love energy which is the essence of life itself that we find the ability, guidance, and support to be fully present in the miracle of our own existence.

Here’s an affirmation to use this week:
     I surrender myself to life knowing I am loved and loving. All is well.


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Krysta Gibson is publisher of New Spirit Journal as well as an author, spiritual teacher, and mentor. Currently she is working with self-published authors to assist them in reaching a wide audience. For information on this mentoring program or to learn about her other services  and programs visit  anoasisforyoursoul.com. Listen to her the third Thursday of each month at 7 a.m. on the Conscious Talk radio program, KKNW 1150 AM, streaming live and archived at conscioustalk.net.

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