Let’s Revisit Giving!


Giving isn’t always a very popular topic. People seem to feel that they won’t give until they have a lot, more than what they need. Then they will give. Someone important – I don’t remember who – said if we don’t give when we have a little, we won’t give when we have a lot. Giving is an attitude that isn’t based on how much we have. It’s based on who we are.

Greed and the unwillingness to share with others are at the basis of many of our problems in the world today. Maybe we can’t go out and change the world right this second but we can always change ourselves. If enough of us do this, the world will change, it has to.

Krysta Gibson is an author, workshop leader, consultant, and publisher of New Spirit Journal.

Do you volunteer somewhere? Although giving money is wonderful and, as many of you know from prior emails, I believe in tithing, there is another kind of giving that is deeply transformational: volunteering your time and talents. Most non-profits – and many for-profit companies – rely on the work of volunteers in order to survive.

Senior centers, nursing homes, children’s organizations, hospitals, end of life groups, churches, all rely on the work of volunteers. These organizations could never provide the services they do if they didn’t have people willing to volunteer.

Today, we see a lot of people who want to receive without giving. They are very focused on “what’s in it for me?” Even many businesses are trying to see how many customers they can attract without spending money. Here’s the truth: the more we give, the more we get. The less we give, the less we get.

If you don’t currently volunteer somewhere, consider changing that. Find an organization or cause you believe in, get in touch and offer to volunteer your time and talents. Even a small amount of volunteering could make a huge difference in the many lives served by the organization. Not only will you feel good about sharing yourself, you will meet some wonderful people, feel good about yourself, and open the doorway to greater prosperity.

And if you’re out of work, volunteering is the best thing you can do to stir up your energy and self-worth. You might just find a job in the most unexpected of ways.

Green lights all the way!


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