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Kevin Hart is author of A Thousand Screaming Monkeys, his story of drug and alcohol addictions and how he found his way free of them. He and Krysta Gibson discuss addictions and the spiritual path and share ideas about how to let go of addictions and move on in your life.

Since finding the profound gift of sobriety ten years ago, Kevin Hart says he is living a life beyond his wildest dreams. He has written and self-published a book, his story, about the darkest days of a life of unrest, and how all of it led to a life of wonder and joy.  A magical pathway full with spirit guides has been revealed; they help him to carry a message of eternal bliss and happiness through writing, working with others who seek transformation, teaching yoga, meeting in sacred circles, playing music as a drummer in an original band, and even fixing cars and working in real estate!

Everything has become a mystical dance with the divine, and a community of true friends has sprung up around him that he have always longed for in the depth of his soul. The world is kind where it used to be cruel. Sharing in the sunlight of the Spirit is now the most important thing in his life; he never knows exactly how the opportunity will come, but it always does. 

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