Is This Better than an Apple?


laughingAn apple is good but a laugh is even better!

We all know the saying “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” I would like to add: so does a nice big belly laugh. Science is now proving that laughter could be really good for us. Some research shows that laughter increases blood flow, boosts the levels of immune cells, can lower our blood sugar, and helps us relax and sleep better.

Norman Cousins is famous for the book Anatomy of an Illness where he writes that watching comedy programs helped him when dealing with his illness. He said that 10 minutes of laughter gave him two hours of pain-free sleep.

Krysta Gibson is an author, consultant, workshop leader, and publisher of New Spirit Journal.

Krysta Gibson is an author, consultant, workshop leader, and publisher of New Spirit Journal.

“Okay, this sounds great,” I hear you saying. “But my life sucks and there is nothing to laugh about.” I say: “Maybe your life sucks because you have lost your sense of humor!” Truthfully, there is always something funny. We can always laugh at ourselves if at nothing else.

2017 is stacking up to be a very interesting year. No matter how people voted in the presidential election, there is an overriding sense of uncertainty about how things will go over the next few years. Instead of letting yourself feel ungrounded or worried, maybe it’s time to trust the process and use humor to help lighten up.

How can we laugh at such a serious time. My question is, “How can we not laugh?” Sometimes we do have to dig deep to find the humor, but if we can learn not to take our lives so seriously or so personally, life really is funny.

Today, look for the humor in your life. Especially in the areas of your challenges, ask yourself if there isn’t something funny. And if that doesn’t work, watch an old I Love Lucy episode and see if that doesn’t get your funny bone tickled. God has a terrific sense of humor and She loves it when we see the jokes. If nothing else works, look at yourself in a mirror and see how long before you start chuckling. Works for me every time.


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