Human Traits are Again Changing


Ancient tales indicate that at some point human beings would awaken to the ethereal component that interlaces the physical world. That epic era is unfolding. Human beings are acquiring ethereal traits.

Various inherent properties of homo sapiens become revised throughout extremely long metamorphic increments. Therefore, each subsequent generation is ever-so-slightly different from the previous one, though typically these alterations in human traits remain unremarkable until after several generations.

At the same time, over millenniums these subtle changes account for the ways in which cultures have advanced away from barbaric leanings over the course of humanity’s history.

While inherent human traits change for all ages of individuals, arriving incarnates (newborns) are impacted to a greater extent than others. During evolutionary cycles, children are born with stronger versions of changing proclivities, since their bodies regularly resonant at slightly higher frequencies than the populace already inhabiting the Earth, which gives them the capacity to access wider ranges of higher frequencies. These modifications are not particularly noticeable, yet can be a source of conflict when tutelage counters something a person intuitively knows without having the capacity to reason out why.

More than 50 years ago an unobtrusive, flowing shift ended a 2000-year cycle and advanced a new, highly anticipated interval. These revisions account for the new information that became known, like the greater understanding of the physical reality, the various renaissances during which age-old ideas were challenged, and the vast range of life-changing inventions that arose between the beginning and ending of that phase. However, certain innovations caused human attributes that could have arrived to be stalled, while others continue to lessen the efficacy of the human body, as well as set into play far more adversities in the earthly realm and beyond than is generally acknowledged.

During the current phase, the potential exists for individuals to benefit from acquiring a broader array of ethereal properties. Human capacities that have been strengthening are coming to the fore. Although it will be many decades before those emerging qualities become fully developed, arriving features are already somewhat noticeable.

Notwithstanding, even to the limited extent these proclivities have progressed, what previously was unknowable is actually becoming known. Individuals have an opportunity to recognize the still-emerging human capabilities. When these capacities are integrated into the array of abilities and capacities that already commonly benefit human beings, a person enormously decreases the likelihood of asserting what will later plague themselves with rankling encumbrances.

One revealing has already indicated that much that unfolds in a human being’s life is providing feedback, offering discernable insights. Indeed, any physical incident, nuance, repulsion, or attraction may illuminate what amounts to advisories. Hints can range from extremely subtle, like hearing single words or short phrases from one’s inner voice, to those events that are life-altering.

When what is disconcerting is experienced, being able to step away from the emotionally charged reaction and attempt to ascertain “why” it has occurred (which can be difficult and confusing) often places a different slant on what was encountered. However, the forthcoming insights from ascertaining the “message” can be extremely enlightening, as well as much like a mentor.

The skill of noticing and accurately interpreting ethereal information can be beneficial. With patience, an openness and even perseverance the skill can be strengthened in the same way a child begins to find ways to increase its mobility, first by crawling and later learning to stand, then by walking. Recognizing when these hints arrive is one of the first steps.

Ethereal hints are easily misunderstood, as some are literal and others are metaphoric; some are intermediary or a stepping stone, as others can be a strong forewarning, perhaps influencing a person to avoid what lead to incurring some strife. Sudden onsets of energy-depleting developments are much like warnings, as are anomalies, annoying disturbances, as well as many “accidents.” Of course, unexpected events without any unique significance do happen.

The discerned information may highlight a relatively immediate or distant concern or possibility. What would enhance future prospects or be disruptive could become discovered. Something that is disadvantageous or untrue may be revealed, and what was previously unknowable could become known.

To illustrate, some fascinating information has been deciphered. One insight indicated that human beings only “see” a fraction of the totality (roughly five percent) of what categorically exists. What seems apparent is often misleading. Viewing only a limited range of frequencies not only denotes an illusory separation, but also often hides ethereal triggers. Numerous annoying disturbances, ailments, diseases and many bodily dysfunctions become triggered ethereally (propelled by disharmonious frequencies or stimulated as advisories), rather than exclusively physically as is often presumed.

What triggers a sneeze may have nothing to do with a tangible provocation in one’s nose. Rather, it can be an attempt to capture a person’s attention, saying, “Hold it” or “Wait a minute, you are missing something.” The same holds true for other surprisingly spontaneous interruptive episodes including coughing, experiencing sudden impulses, various levels of pain (headaches are one of the most common), surprisingly forgetting something that is readily known, and even incurring cognitive impairments.

When these types of ethereally precipitated incidences arise and are recognized as providing hints, insightful information can often be discerned from accurately deciphering the message. Further, examining a human body only tells part of the story.  The human complex is a matrixed arrangement shaped much like a diamond that extends 10 inches beyond any seemingly evident border.

This aura that is seldom viewable consists of subtle bodies, which regularly absorb energies that surround it, similar to what touches the skin. Intricately interlaced matrixes interweave throughout the physical and non-physical aspects. There are also extensive roots, such as those that link a human being to the body of humanity, along with a person’s genetic and karmic energy bases. These roots generate genomes that establish the foundation of a person’s DNA and an eerier subtext for all that unfolds.


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