How to Make your Affirmations Work 10 Times Faster


affirmationsThere are so many ways to use energy to heal, materialize what we want in life, and feel happier. What you may not be aware of is that using affirmations is yet another way to use energy, or prana, to heal and improve our lives. However, some of us have been using affirmations for years with little result. There is a likely reason for that.

When we say something, no matter what we say, an energy form is created called a thought form. When we say and repeat an affirmation, for example, it creates a strong and positive thought form. For example, “career and financial success come to me quickly and easily,” or “I have a happy, healthy romantic relationship,” and others.

Megan Kaul is an associate certified Pranic healer

Meghan Kaul is an associate certified Pranic healer

Thought forms are very real. If you talk to an advanced clairvoyant, they can see your thought forms in your aura. At a most basic level, if you think about an apple, an energetic apple appears in your energy field and can be seen by a person who can see energy, or felt by a person who knows how to “scan,” as we call it in Pranic Healing: feeling energy. Positive affirmations create energetic thought forms that sit in your energy field.

Strong and powerful thought forms have a tendency to materialize in our lives. When we energize them regularly – which we do by repeating the thoughts, emotions, and words associated with them – there is a high likelihood they will materialize. This is how affirmations work.

However, there is one small problem. Negative thoughts, emotions, and words create strong thought forms as well, which also have a tendency to materialize when energized regularly with our thoughts and emotions. These can be conscious or subconscious. And most of us have negative ones we created months or even decades ago which are still in our energy fields.

If you have a powerful positive thought form about money, but also one or more negative thought forms about money, it is significantly harder, if not impossible, for the positive one to materialize;you are simultaneously energizing and materializing conflicting outcomes.

For instance, if a person regularly and frequently thinks or says they are “broke” or “have no money,” there is necessarily a powerful thought form of that nature in their aura, working against any positive thought form or affirmation they may have created about money and abundance.

Getting rid of the old thought forms is critical.  In Master Choa Kok Sui’s Pranic Healing system, we have learned a way to do this. It is extremely powerful. Also extremely simple. You can do it daily. Pranic Healing is an energy healing modality different from others because it focuses on cleansing, disintegrating, and removing unwanted energies. We get rid of the old stuff before inputting the new. And it works, fast!

Here is the technique: Visualize a white board in front of you surrounded by a particular color of energy we call electric violet. Electric violet is brilliant white with a tinge of violet at the edges. Recall the negative thought or emotion you need to get rid of. It could be in words or a picture. Write it or stick it on the board. Do this for a couple of minutes. Let it all out. Then mentally say “Freeze!” to the board. You have put very real energy on the board. Negative thought forms, negative emotional energies that have been trapped in your aura and chakras have been released and are now stuck to a very real energetic board you created.

Next, sever the energetic link between you and the board. These are your creations, and they are still attached to your system. Mentally or verbally say “Cut!” And make a chopping motion with your hand along your body, top to bottom, between you and the board.

Last, erase the board. Imagine your hand is glowing with super bright electric violet energy, a brilliant ball of white light with violet around the edges. Erase the board with intention for about 30 seconds. You should feel a release, and feel lighter. These negative energies are being disintegrated. It will be most effective if you invoke or pray first and ask for divine assistance.

This needs to be done repeatedly; many of these old thought forms are strong. You can do it three times in a row in one sitting, but continue to do it a few times a week until you can’t remember what you were planning to disintegrate anymore. When you can’t remember what it was, it is thoroughly gone. Concurrently continue your affirmations for your particular goals. Without competing energies, they will work tremendously well.


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