How Did It Happen?


Why did it happen? I’m not certain, but what I know is that many of us – maybe you – are being presented with new opportunities and it’s important for us to act on them now.

A few months ago, I was contacted by a woman named Sher Safran who was starting an online television station. With my extensive background in interviewing, writing, reviewing, teaching, and publishing, she thought I would be perfect as a television host. Me? Not so much, as they say. I declined to be a host but agreed to be interviewed.

A few more months passed, we were talking on the phone, and she again said she thought I would be good at hosting my own television show. This time it was different. This time something inside me said, “Pay attention. This is important.” I told her one of the reasons I didn’t want to host a show was because I didn’t want to drive to the television studio once a week. I live out in the country and everything is at least an hour’s drive away.

Krysta Gibson is an author, workshop leader, consultant, and publisher of New Spirit Journal.

No, said she. I could do the show right from my home computer, just like I had done the interview with her. The inner voice said, “Pay attention. This is important.”  And then added, “You need to do this. It is your next step.” People who know me or who have read my autobiography Anything is Possible know that my inner voice can be quite direct and insistent. This was one of those times.

I agreed to do the show and I am calling it Keeping It Real. Monday, Jan. 30 is the premiere, noon to 1 p.m., Pacific time at ShareWisdom.TV .

Why am I telling you this? Sure, I want you to know about my show and I hope you’ll watch it live or On Demand or listen to the podcast. But there is another reason. I suspect some of you reading these words are being asked to step up, to either change what you’re doing or, like me, add to what you’re doing. Perhaps there is some new service or skill you need to add to what you’re doing. Maybe it’s time to change jobs or careers. Or maybe it’s time to make more people aware of you and what you offer. Maybe there’s a place you need to volunteer or maybe you need to introduce your children to some new projects or activities.

Sometimes it takes courage to follow our inner voice; okay, most of the time it takes courage! Frequently, it means stepping out of our comfort zones and stretching ourselves to learn and do something new. It isn’t comfortable and can be the reason why people huddle safely in their little self-constructed nests instead of stepping out of the nest and discovering they can fly.

If you are feeling it’s time to stretch, to move forward, to make some sort of change, read on.

Get quiet and away from your day to day environment and really listen. Ask if this is the time for you to do whatever it is. If you get a yes…

If you feel this is what you’re to do, make a plan. Find out what you need to do and get busy doing it.

Don’t worry about the details. Chart them as best you can and then get started. Take baby steps at first and look for feedback from the Universe. If you get positive feedback, keep going. The point will come where you will know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are on the right track. Keep repeating these steps.

The world needs more positivity today. The world needs brave souls who will follow their inner guidance, live their talents and gifts, and be part of the solution rather than continuing to contribute to the challenges we face.

Listen. Decide. Plan. Act. Repeat. If I can step out of my comfort zone at this time in my life and do something new and bold when most people would be retired, I know you can too. Join me!

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Krysta Gibson is publisher of New Spirit Journal as well as an author, spiritual teacher, and mentor. Currently she is working with self-published authors to assist them in reaching a wide audience. For information on this mentoring program or to learn about her other services  and programs visit Listen to her the third Thursday of each month at 7 a.m. on the Conscious Talk radio program, KKNW 1150 AM, streaming live and archived at

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