Help! I Still Have Problems!


Recently, several people have asked me a similar question so I thought I would share my answer with you. Here is the question, paraphrased:

Dear Krysta,

I am now on my spiritual path, but I still have problems. Many authors and teachers have said that I can have a perfect life if I use techniques such as affirmations and visualizations. I have tried these as well as writing gratitude lists but I still have problems with money, relationships, and my career. What gives? Am I doing something wrong or is all of this a bunch of frogs’ toenails?

Frustrated in Bellevue, WA

Dear Frustrated,

I want to say, “Well, nobody promised you a rose garden,” but, unfortunately, some people promise you exactly that. As is said about growing old, walking the spiritual path is not for sissies. Being on a spiritual path is not about gaining a more comfortable life or solving all of our problems (I prefer to call them challenges) so we can sail through life with no bumpy roads.

Krysta Gibson is an author, workshop leader, consultant, publisher of New Spirit Journal, and host of “Keeping It Real.”

We live in a world of duality: hot-cold, male-female, day-night, up-down, right-left, sun-moon, tide in-tide out, and so on. The trick is to be able to surf the energies of life while staying in a state of peace and calm. When we learn how to do this, we experience fewer challenges and the ones we do have are more easily met.

There are many reasons spiritually-inclined people have challenges. It’s not uncommon for very evolved souls to experience health or financial challenges. The explanations for why this happens are too long to go into here and vary widely from person to person. What’s important is to realize that as long as we are on this planet, we will experience ups and downs.

Rather than trying to solve all of your “problems,” make your focus the spiritual practices of prayer, meditation, and learning to access and use your intuition. Do your best to meet the challenges that come your way by blessing and loving them instead of judging them. Do this without demanding that your life will  be miraculously perfect all of a sudden.  Although that could happen and I never rule out miracles, the growth and evolution of your soul is more important than living a life of ease.

For all you know, the current situation you are calling negative, could be the most positive thing that has happened to you in years. Spend time with others who are walking the spiritual path and I suspect you will learn a lot about how to meet your challenges with greater joy.

Let me know what happens.


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