Healing with Consciousness: An Introduction to “The Dalian Method”

Mada Dalian

Mada Eliza Dalian is a master of healing and spiritual transformation. She is the founder of the groundbreaking Dalian Method, she teaches people to heal themselves with consciousness.

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Mada Dalian has spent her lifetime exploring and experiencing consciousness. 

Through her journey, she developed the “Dalian Method,” which teaches people to heal themselves with consciousness. 

“This is a new paradigm in the way we look and work with healing. Healing only happens with consciousness,” Dalian says. 

She likens unconscious being to feeling the heaviness of wearing layer after layer of clothing. Her system teaches people how to shed layers of unconsciousness, which shows up as limiting thought patterns and forms, beliefs and conditioning that gets trapped in the body. 

“As we release what’s in the body blocking us, the light of consciousness comes forward and automatically erases those beliefs,” she says.

The Dalian Method works with the chakra system and focuses on the back of head, the frontal lobe, the knees and the feet, along with the rest of the body. It also uses breathing and verbal expression.

Dalian used equipment developed for Western medicine to show the enormous, positive changes resulting from her system and counts medical doctors among those she has trained as facilitators to teach the Dalian Method. 

She sees more in the traditional Western medical community opening to alternative forms of healing, though others remain resistant. 

Consider pharmaceutical commercials, which feature people smiling and thriving even as a voiceover reads warning about a drug’s dangers and side effects. 

By teaching people her system, she empowers them to heal themselves rather than having to return to her for healing. As more and more of the layers of unconscious are peeled back, people experience greater awareness, physical healing and spiritual awakening.

“Each time we learn, we see something, consciousness  expands and our energy expands,” she said. 

Getting there requires bypassing the mind, and its limiting thoughts, beliefs and conditioning. 

“It works on so many levels,” Dalian said. “We think life has all these problems, but that drops away. You understand everything is temporary and we don’t need to be identified with things. It helps people dis-identify. It helps people drop their attachments. It helps them to surrender.”

Dalian will be in Seattle June 19 and 20 at East-West Book Store. For more information about her visit and her system, visit http://www.madadalian.com/.


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