Have you Accepted Your Own Power?


strengthOne of my favorite images from the tarot is the major arcana card known as Strength. The traditional Rider deck shows a woman who has tamed a lion to the point that she can hold its mouth open without being injured.

One of the meanings of the card is that part of being self-realized is that we are in control of our own inner energies. Being in control of our inner energies means we are strong to the point of having mastered ourselves.

In today’s world we are shown power as being power over other people and their destinies. Because of this, some noble people shy away from stepping into their own power. Then they wonder why their lives never work. True power comes from within.

Krysta Gibson is an author, consultant, workshop leader, and publisher of New Spirit Journal.

Krysta Gibson is an author, consultant, workshop leader, and publisher of New Spirit Journal.

Power evidences itself as: courage in the face of difficulties, persistence, concentrated effort, faith, joyful risk-taking, a deep sense of humor, and the ability to fully surrender ourselves to the life force within.

We learn to surrender to the life force and thus step into the only power worth experiencing by getting to know this intrinsic part of ourselves. And, yep, you guessed it: you do this through meditation, prayer, and quiet time.

If you find yourself feeling powerless or weak, picture the Strength card from the tarot. If you haven’t ever seen this card, you can find it at Wikipedia.org. There are lots of other symbols there that can speak to your inner self. When you mentally picture the card, you can absorb some of the strength and wisdom embodied there.

This is a wonderful practice to use as you enjoy the holidays this year. If you find yourself feeling weak, scared, or alone, imagine yourself to be the woman who has tamed the lion (yes, even men; imagine your inner feminine self taming the lion). This can help you move through various situations with grace and ease.


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