Happy, Healthy… Dead


review-happy-healthy-deadHappy, Healthy… Dead
Why What You Think You Know About Aging is Wrong and How to Get It Right
by Noelle C. Nelson

It’s a fact of life that we get older. When we stop getting older, we’re dead. Maybe instead of fighting the aging process, we could enjoy it a lot more by embracing aging and using some simple but powerful techniques. Perhaps a change in thinking as well as in how we behave would be helpful.

It’s really encouraging that early in the book, we’re given the names of folks who have accomplished a lot in what others would call their golden years: at 91 Henry Kissinger added another book to his dozen plus ones; Phyllis Sues celebrated her 92nd birthday in 2015 by dancing the Tango; she took up the Tango and the trapeze at the age of 80; Dick Van Dyke starred in a music video in 2015 at the age of 89; many other examples are given.

What do these folks have in common? According to the author, they are “happy, grateful, optimistic, and appreciative.” She then goes on to give us some great ideas about how to accomplish this by choices we make in our daily lives. Many of the concepts are found in other programs not specifically aimed at the concept of aging, but I like that she focused them specifically for older adults.

No matter your age, this book is filled with ideas that can help you live a long, fruitful, and happy life. The title, by the way, is taken from one of Abraham’s workshops where he stated this is the way to live: happy, healthy… dead!


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