Gems and Their Ways


The following is a list of several important gems and their ways.

We begin with the purple gem AMETHYST, as it offers gentleness and peace. It reminds you to bring loving kindness to yourself, as you likely have issues with anger and self-love. If you do not have these issues, it brings further peace into your life and can show you ways to connect and aid those people who do have these issues. The light purple color of this gem brings repose.

If you are influenced by this gem, ask how you can be gentle with self or others.

CELESTINE is a calming gem. Though it is reminiscent of the airy and vast sky, it carries much weight. This weight offers clarification, as clarification is often a “weighty” matter and requires much thought. To the observer, the person influenced by this gem appears dreamy or scattered mentally as they sometimes have difficulty paying attention. However, they gather many ideas as clouds passing before them and the way they pay attention is different. The ideas and impressions they gather in conversation and in silence relate to aura and the astral realm. They pertain to life history, mood, traits and relationships. They may receive this information for self or for those they meet.

If influenced by this gem, ask what ideas and impressions you are receiving at a soul level and what needs clarification.

GARNET speaks to those seeking greater stability in their life and/or warmth, also those who wish to maintain such. Unlike other red gems, garnet offers reflection. With this gem in your life you can arrive at many sought-after insights. The color of this gem corresponds with the autumn season and turning inward before the leaves shed. Those influenced by it generally like the feeling of being protected and release can be difficult. Stepping outside their comfort zone may be a productive venture as they can then discover new resources of color and growth.

If influenced by this gem, ask where greater stability and warmth may be needed in your life. Also ask what you may need to reflect on and what needs release.

LAPIS LAZULI dignifies and sharpens acuity. It links you with your “royal” nature and for those who have had issues with their bearing or standing, it connects one with their bearing and standing in life and what they’ve borne and stood for regarding appearances. A king or queen must be comfortable with their appearance. Those who are influenced by this gem may have issues with their appearance and/or they are being called upon to question appearances. A king or queen must be comfortable in their bearing and standing. They not only must stand for themselves but an entire kingdom.

When influenced by this gem you are being called onto greater lands and for the benefit of many. Before you can achieve this you must be sound in your bearing. You must stand erect as a building you’ve built yourself, a ruler onto yourself, not one ruled by another and not one who rules others but merely guides them in discovering and upholding their bearing. The deep blue color concentrates one’s vision and brings to the forefront what must be seen in one’s personal life for development, and denotes much inner strength.

The lotus flower is linked with this gem because often times a king or queen must work hard for their bearing and strength, finding it through much travail (representative of the mud surrounding the flower’s underwater roots). They must also strive to view those around them as kings and queens too, not subjects who are subject to their will, but meritorious individuals equal and beautiful as well.

If influenced by this gem, question appearances. Are you playing a role or are you completely self-assured? In what area do you need to stand up for yourself?  How can you serve others most authentically?

SERPENTINE has many resting places, crossroads and places where one feels “crossed” and must rise. Its owner often has a lot of chaotic energy which needs channeling. The outcome is usually what we are seeking first – instant gratification – the “devilish” serpent energy. This must be eliminated and the serpent wisdom with its origins in the tree of life – growth and healing – as the tree represents growth and the serpent, when it molts, healing, must be illuminated.

Ultimately the serpent wisdom must bring the life force with all these movements of growth and healing into the current body. Once this occurs they can receive many brilliant ideas in lightning fast fashion and, instead of scattering these ideas, they are brought into design: a verdant substance. Then one is not simply acting on impulse or from base emotions but from compassion and forethought.

If influenced by this gem, ask where you can best implement the serpent wisdom of growth and healing.

TURQUOISE gives the gift of aspiration. Those influenced by this gem are always seeking. They are based in materialism and this is not in terms of paper currency. They possess an aspiration for gains in the spiritual realm. They infuse and materialize value into any life experience be it good or bad. This stone brings new vistas into the person’s life which should be balanced in the earth. With this stone its wearer may find themselves in a desert at various times in their lives but there are always the stores available for an awakening.

If influenced by this gem, ask what needs materialization at a spiritual level.

We end with the gem QUARTZ, as it offers light. It is best used in combination with other gems as it enhances the properties already present.

The message for this age begins and ends with amethyst and quartz. We must bring each gem’s essence of gentleness and peace to light here on earth.


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