Five Tips to Ensure Your Insurance Claims Get Paid


claim-formWith winter upon us, there is a higher possibility that you might have to deal with an insurance claim of some sort. These tips will help you get the service you want.

Tip 1: Document your personal property

No matter what your claim is – be it damage to your car, home, or rental – take pictures of everything, from license plates to scenes of the accident. It can also be important to prove the prior condition and existence of lost or damaged property. This will prevent questions down the line that could slow down the claims process.

Tip 2: Get organized in advance

Always be prepared to move quickly, especially if you know a storm is on its way. Know where your irreplaceable items are, and be able to pack them quickly. Family photos, documents, jewelry, and prescription medication should be on your short list of key items to take with you in case of emergency.

Tip 3: Don’t get rid of damaged items

Take time to carefully examine your home and possessions for damage. If your home, car, or belongings have sustained insurable damage, be sure to file a claim. Keep damaged items available until the insurer’s adjuster can see them. Don’t keep wet items at home; store them somewhere safe until they can be viewed.

Tip 4: Consider hiring your own adjuster

It’s important to keep in mind that the adjuster sent by your insurer is paid by the insurer. Consider hiring your own representation, a public insurance adjuster. You wouldn’t ask the IRS to prepare your taxes. Why let your insurer decide how much they are going to pay for your loss?

Tip 5: Trust the wisdom of crowds to update your coverage

The insurance-buying and file-claiming processes don’t have to be painful. Thousands of consumers have already done the legwork, telling you what you need to know before you invest in insurance, and how to get the most out of it. Clearsurance offers 10,000 reviews and industry-leading financial rankings.


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