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Send us your flyer (PDF or JPEG formats preferred)* with the URL you want as a landing page when people click on your flyer.

(Please schedule your flyer in advance, as we do our best to send out no more than one flyer per day, so each receives the best attention possible from the readers.) 

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We’ve been building our email list since 2005 and currently have about 1300 names — No list padding, only people who’ve told us they want to receive our mailings! About 90% of the recipients are in the Pacific Northwest and 10% elsewhere in the U.S.

What can you advertise on your flyer?

  • Events
  • Books
  • Services such as counseling or bodywork
  • Products
  • Stores
  • Treatments
  • Dietary aids
  • Anything that supports people in living a holistic lifestyle 

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