Do you Read the Recipe or Eat the Meal?


There are people called “foodies” who love to read about food. They love perusing recipe books, watching food shows on television, and learning about the various types of food different cultures enjoy. All of this is wonderful. What’s interesting is that some of these folks rarely cook and rarely eat the food they read about.

Krysta Gibson is an author, workshop leader, consultant, publisher of New Spirit Journal, and host of “Keeping It Real.”

Thinking about this, I realized there are people who do this in the spiritual community. They read every new book that comes out, get the newest tarot decks, have their astrological calendar on the wall, and they never eat the meal! In other words, they have a lot of intellectual knowledge but they don’t apply it to their lives.

Consider this: think of the last spiritual or self-help book you read. Have you applied the information to your life? Or did you finish the book, set it down, and say, “Next!”

We can read all the books we want. We can attend all the classes. We can buy tarot decks and read about our astrology charts. But if we don’t do something with the information, what’s the point?

Don’t just read the recipe. Eat the meal!


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