Do You Compare Yourself?


To whom do you compare yourself …and does it help?

Recently I had a discussion with someone who was feeling “less than” because she was comparing herself to someone else who appeared to be more successful, financially better-off, and an all around more accomplished person.

Krysta Gibson is an author, workshop leader, consultant, publisher of New Spirit Journal, and host of “Keeping It Real.”

I have done this. I know how rotten it can make a person feel. And I know this does absolutely nothing to support us in reaching our goals. Comparing ourselves to anyone else is a wheel-spinner and a time-waster.

We are all different. We all come into this life with different agendas. It is not only impossible to compare ourselves to others, it’s a dangerous thing to do. It’s also a natural thing to do, especially when we feel in the one-down position. Our society supports this idea from the time we’re little kids and it is ingrained in us to make comparisons and to feel bad when we don’t measure up.

I’m not talking about looking at someone else’s accomplishments and using their success to motivate us and give us the “If she can do it, so can I!” attitude. I’m talking about the “I work so hard. Why don’t I have the money and things he has?” The first attitude raises our energy. The second lowers it.

The only person we can legitimately compare ourselves to is ourselves.  Ask: “Am I better now than I was a month ago? A year ago? What general direction am I moving in? Am I moving closer to my goals? If not, why not? What can I do to get in better alignment with my life purpose?” These are the questions that can move us in a forward direction.

It takes discipline to live without comparing ourselves to others. It’s not an easy attitude to release. The next time you catch yourself falling into this slump, get moving. Physically, shake yourself from head to toe and declare:

“I am living my life and no one else’s. I am living my life purpose to the best of my ability. It is none of my business what other people do with their lives. It is my business what I do with mine. I move forward with courage and confidence to be and to do the best I can. Thank you, Universe-God-Goddess, for helping me make this so!”

Then get busy living your life focusing on what’s working for you and not on what isn’t working. This will take you where you want to go so you can become the person you are meant to be, not a mere copy of someone else!


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