Dean and Dudley Evenson: How Music Helps Healing


Dean and Dudley Evenson have been making music together since 1968 and have made over 80 albums and videos as well collaborating with outstanding musicians from around the world. If you have heard any ambient or New Age music, surely you have heard theirs! In this interview with Krysta Gibson, they discuss how they decide to make an album, the Earth Resonance Frequency, and their current projects. They also play a little music for us towards the end of the interview.

Dean and Dudley Evenson are sound healing pioneers and co-founders of award-winning record label Soundings of the Planet. With a Masters in Molecular Biology and a flute player since he was ten, Dean has been able to combine his scientific and artistic backgrounds to create music and video that heals and uplifts. Dudley brings her visual arts degree to the expression along with harp, guided meditations and vocal toning. 

Dean and Dudley have been living their dreams since they met in 1968. During the ‘70s, they travelled the country in a half-sized school bus videotaping the emerging consciousness of the era. In 1979, they founded Soundings of the Planet as a way to share a message of healing and nature through their music. Since then, they have produced over 80 albums and videos and collaborated with outstanding musicians from around the world. 

The Evensons teach webinars and workshops on meditation, sound healing and ‘living your dreams’. Dudley is a life coach, author and blogger focusing on the self-healing and consciousness themes they have learned along their path. After years of traveling, they enjoy living in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains next to the wild Nooksack River cultivating their garden and their art.

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