Crocodile Swamp


crocodileOn the left my Grandmother Elder assists me into the canoe and on the right is my Bear who recently became a man. He takes my hand and helps me to take a seat. Looking forward I see the hawk and Isis. Behind me is one large quartz crystal and two amethyst crystals.

Waiting patiently, I glance fondly at my familiar river. Slowly we move out into the river. It is quiet and I am at ease. I sense that something is different. Then I notice a ripple in the water and a crocodile comes up alongside the canoe. He says, “Haven’t seen much of you lately.” Lazily he opens his mouth wide.

He suggests that I ride on his back and we wander off into a swamp. Sphagnum moss hangs from the trees and I am aware of creatures I have never seen before. He tells me not be afraid, he “has me covered.” I laugh and we continue. He takes me to an old woman who lives in the glade; she greets the croc as an old friend. We enter her hut and are offered a drink, which smells vile, but they both love it. I sip demurely, the concoction is warming and I begin to see things I have never seen before: sparkling auras and shimmering, twinkling lights. My head is fuzzy and I am giggling. They look at me strangely; a twinge of fear arises. Croc swishes his tail and I am reassured. The old woman asks me some questions and I respond without thinking but from a place of deep knowing. Croc smiles as I have apparently performed well. I am taken to a cot to lie down. Time passes. It is twilight when I awake. I feel strangely different from the woman who earlier entered this place but don’t know why.

Shiela Baker is a practicing and teaching shaman, a psychotherapist, and a PTSD specialist.

Shiela Baker is a practicing and teaching shaman, a psychotherapist, and a PTSD specialist.

Croc gently puts me on his back and we glide away. I wave at the old woman who blows me a kiss. With a few swishes of his tail Croc returns me to the canoe where my ancestors help me back into my seat. Then we are at the edge of my river where we always begin our journeys.

Let’s look at the five archetypes. As the Visionary I use all my senses and my body to be aware in the journey. In the role of the Warrior I trust Croc to protect and care for me. In the role of the Teacher I am willing to have a new experience. In the role of the Healer I allow them to make me a drink and then care for me. As the Magician I can use my new skill of accessing deeper knowledge. I now am able to see auras and spirit lights.

Each person experiencing a journey gains a unique perspective and insight. Let’s look at the metaphors in this journey.

In ancient Egypt, crocodiles were associated with fury and ferocity. Crocodiles are associated with the primal energies of birth, motherhood and initiation. They are the keepers and protectors of all knowledge. particularly the culmination of knowledge and seeking new knowledge. The Hag has been viewed as the sage, one to whom the seeker goes when all else has failed.

The old woman gives me a warming drink that enhances my sight so that I see spirit lights and auras. She then tested me with questions that I answer well and from a place of deep knowing. For many years I have been studying and practicing Shamanism and in this journey I acquire a new skill set, the “sight.”

What do you find relevant for your life in this journey? Where in your life are you knowledgeable? When is it time to learn more? And where are you being tested?


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Shiela Baker, a practicing and teaching shaman, is a therapist, nurse, PTSD specialist and holds a Masters’ Degree in Dance Movement Therapy. She shares her knowledge in three books. Look for her recent book, Journeys of Transformation, coming this autumn. Shiela has been teaching shamanism since 1997. She uses many tools to help the soul’s evolution and provide relief from trauma including shamanic tarot, the akashic records, soul retrieval with after-care, yoga, shamanic counseling, and home and business blessings. Please visit, or call 206-904-9404

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