Change Your Thought Patterns One Word At A Time: Fall/Autumn


Autumn-Free-Fall)As the universe changes at such a rapid rate, so much information on individual change is being sent our way. Daily there is new information on making a shift, listening to spirit, affirming beliefs, finding and being your true self, remaining positive and loving. While all of this is a wonderful sign of changing energy, it is easy to get lost.

I recently read an article on re-wiring your brain for positive changes. It was interesting, but somehow for me, the message was lost in scientific jargon. It made me feel inadequate, which I am sure was not the intention of the article. It was the way that I, with a creative rather than scientific mind, perceived it.

The experience brought me to some realizations. What is right and understood by one person seems strange to another. Some things just seem too complicated. It is easy to become overwhelmed, which instills doubt and fear. It is okay to not “get” it and not be able to fit everything into your daily human existence. Take what you need at that moment and allow it in for your own personal steps forward. Sometimes that step is a big one, prompting profound change. Most it is a baby-step, a one-at-a-time easy manageable shift, that leads to profound change. Most often it is done with a KISS: Keep It Simple Sweetie! Here is one simple step.

As a writer, I have become more aware of words. Words flow out: from our mouths into the air, onto paper, onto our electronic devices, and off somewhere into the digital world. I have become aware of how words affect me. One word, one small group of letters, can change how I am thinking and feeling in a specific moment. Taking a baby-step forward, I am making a conscious effort to change some of the words that don’t make me feel as good as I should.

The latest word is fall. Most times fall denotes the idea of going down. We fall down, fall from grace, fall apart, fall between the cracks, fall behind, fall into line, fall short and fall on our faces.

Fall does not necessarily have to have a negative connotation or to be tied to being hurt. It also means to come down. It’s okay to take a fall, or fall into a deep sleep. It gives us time to rest, recuperate and rejuvenate so that we can again spring to new heights.

And then there is the season that we most often call fall. Notice that we spring into summer, and fall into winter. What pictures do these words paint for you? For spring I see myself taking giant leaps and bounces, in the sun of course, through a field of flowers going somewhere. For fall I see myself flopping down on a big bed and heading for a long winter’s nap.

Both words, in these terms, indicate preparing or moving on towards something or somewhere else. One moves us outward; the other moves us inward. For many, the inward move means falling into a reclusive dark place. Are the words perfect for the seasons, or are they responsible for leading us to believe something about the seasons?

So for me, the use of the word fall for this time of year doesn’t feel right. Yes, the leaves are falling from the trees and the temperatures are going down, but the comparison of this season as a time of going down needs to stop there.

When referring to this season, I have begun to use the word autumn rather than fall. It has a different ring to it, and one major meaning: the season between summer and winter. Using it makes me feel different about this time of year, a bit more artsy, warm, and creative.

In autumn, the colors around are vibrant. The leaves are beautiful, and when they have darkened and drifted from the trees, the light of the sky shines through the bare branches. As the air cools, the warmth of sweaters, socks, and fleece feels so good.

Our living spaces become a focus of attention as we spend less time outdoors. We brighten them up with decorations and light. Orange, the color of creativity takes over. Even the common foods of this time of year, like pumpkin and squash, are orange! New projects, classes, routines get started, as we look within to see how we would like to spend our time now that we are indoors more. It takes a bit more effort to get exercise, to get outside to walk, run, hike, or go to a game or class; but it feels so good when we do it.

Try using the word autumn and see how it feels! One little word can make a big difference. This is just a start, for there are many words that affect us.

Over the last few years several words popped out for me. These tiny steps of awareness have adjusted my thought and communication patterns, allowing me to be more positive and able to affirm my beliefs. They have brought about some great writing and new understanding. Be aware, watch and listen for those words. It’s simple, manageable and enlightening.

I close with one final message. Be open. Don’t fall for the expected. Take time to fall into peaceful rest. Put some spring in your step when you feel the urge, no matter what the weather. Be aware that spring fever can hit at any time, even on a dark autumn day.


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